New Directions

Blog posting came to a standstill, didn't it?  Sometimes I would give anything for a consistent personal life, but then things would get boring, right?  The notes are piling up, though.  You know the ones.  That's a great idea for a blog post.  Scribble.  Scribble.  Stick it in the pile.  I have tons of subjects in this pile, so best get back at it.

First, I'd like to explain the absence.  I love writing and being a writer.  It's my profession and I'm proud of it.  There are lots of ways to be a working writer.  Whether you write fiction, magazine articles, freelance or blog, the act is what defines you, not the what.  I've been working pretty hard for the last two years on independently publishing my books.  I consider those years a success given the emotional toll of my divorce and care for my autistic grandson.  I published four books and two short stories to go with the three I had previously released.  I still have plans for many more and wish I could connect a Word program to my brain and just dump them out into perfect format. Don't we all.  In lieu of that, I just keep plugging along.  My books have performed fairly well, but not well enough that I felt comfortable.  My alimony ended the first of this month and I had to feel better about my financial place in the world.  Hence, mid-March I decided I had to branch into freelance writing and applied to Textbroker International to work as one of their writers and was accepted. (More on this in another blog post later this month).  The last three months have been a long journey of changing habits, stretching my writing capabilities another direction, and building a writing income.  My fiction writing is my first love and always will be, but I gotta pay the bills.  My blogging schedule and my fiction writing took a serious hit.  I knew it would.  While at times I was frustrated and unhappy with the situation, I believe that good things can come from all situations if you put your best foot forward and believe in yourself.

About the same time, my business partner's health declined and she took an extended leave of absence from our publishing business - KLG Press.  We had to seriously curtail our marketing and production schedule.  Balance is necessary in all things and sometimes you just gotta stop and take a breath.  Know Link Grow LLC will be undergoing a bit of restructure as we balance what is important to us and what parts we can't make a reality.  In that vein, I've decided to combine Worth A Damn Writing posts with The Clever Writer and go forward only with this blog.  At some point this month, there will be a bit of a facelift for this page and some more posts inserted into the flow from the other blog.  The revamped blog means that writing, publishing and indie author information will be combined into one blog.  We'll be adding a freelance writing series to help you if the need arises for you to branch out also.

With that said, welcome to summer!  May yours be the best! 

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