Autism Speaks

Saturday, November 12, 2011 - The Colt Family and Friends participated in the DFW Walk for Autism Speaks. My grandson is autistic and this cause has become very important to us. Standing in the chilly morning beside this bright,energetic child with all our family and friends around us meant the world. Seeing how many other people were there in similar groups was both heartening and sad. This ailment strikes 1 in 110 kids. I won't go into more detail than that. If you want to know more, the Center for Disease Control has a wonderful information resource on autism.

KLG Press - my independent press run with Tiffany Aller - ran a sale and donated to Autism Speaks for every sale. Family members generously gave of their dollars. I'm happy to announce that the Colt Family donated almost $500 to Autism Speaks because of your generosity.

Present with the Z-Team at the walk: Zachary Colt, Anne Colt, Rebecca Colt, John Colt, Tiffany Aller, Cate Aller, Jeffrey Aller, Lucy O'Lenick, Tom Bob McLean, Helen Chan, Robin Keller, Rob Keller. Thank you all so much!

Special thanks to Rebecca for pushing the brilliant idea of participation.
Thanks to Robin, Zach's speech therapist, for taking time out of her weekend to come and support our little guy - that was just the awesomeness she is and we feel blessed she's helping him.

Bring it on for next year! And thank you!

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