A Special Project

About three years ago, I went to the Romance Writer's of America Convention in San Franciso with my three writing buddies. Four days resulted in slumber parties, good food, lots of workshops and even more time to talk and brainstorm about writing projects and woes. I came home challenged by one of my friends to stretch out of my hometown contemporary comfort zone and write a book I'd been dreaming about. I researched and started writing and stopped. I researched more and started writing and stopped. That's a pattern I've been in for three years. I won't say too much about the subject matter except to say Special Forces, action adventure, hot romance with a twist.

Flash forward to May 1, 2011. U.S. Navy SEALS kill Usama bin Ladin. My first thought: Congrats, gentlemen. GOOD JOB! My second thought: Crap! Navy SEAL stuff is going to take off and my book is not finished - a self-publishing opportunity lost.

After examining whether I could rearrange what is now a solid plan for approaching my projects, I decided to leave well enough alone and so you'll have to wait for that special project until 2014. I'll tell you more when I have the first book finished.

However, the whole event caused me to realize something. In the past, I've written by what I thought I could sell to a publisher. Now I get to write by what I think my readers will enjoy and there's no waiting eighteen months for those projects to come to fruition. The shift is tremendously freeing for my creative energy and my brainstorming. Who benefits from that? Why you - my reader - of course!

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