The Clever Writer, Volume 1, No. 2

This week's edition introduces you to Sophie Rose, my muse.

PAC: I'm back, Sophie Rose!

SR: It's about damn time. You've seriously been gone from your writerly desk for a week! What happened to letting me play every day for 1500 words? Huh?

PAC: I've been editing, meeting a deadline.

SR: I know - Tom and Summer, Kiss Me Goodnight. So over with. I wanna talk about Cutter and Sade.

PAC: Uhhh, I'm not quite ready to start writing Romeo Cowboy.

SR: (*whining*) Why? You've got hot pictures, the story idea, and moi. What more do you need?

PAC: (*sigh*) I still have some plot organization and brainstorming to tackle.

SR: Pshaw - what plot organization? What brainstorming? Let's start with sex.

PAC: Uh, no. I can't start a new book with a sex scene. My readers won't like it.

SR: (*pouts*) You need new readers.

PAC: Sophie, this is a contemporary category romance. I want my readers to love the Wade brothers. Besides, Cutter has to meet his unknown son in the first chapter. Sets up the whole story.

SR: So he did have sex. We gonna show them?

PAC: *snort* No, we aren't going to write that scene.

SR: (sags, then brightens) So he's due. A nice hot scene with his former girl. She's bright and beautiful and man he's missed her. I'm ready. Let's write it.

PAC: No, Sophie. We talked about this when I let you out to play on the storyboard. Cutter and Sade have some trust issues to work through first.

SR: What's the point of immersing myself in that storyboard with THREE hot cowboys if you aren't going to let me play with them?

PAC: Well, you are going to get to play with them....just not yet.

SR: Dammit, that's not how this works. You're supposed to write what I tell you to, when I tell you to.

PAC: Anctipation, my dear. It's half the fun.

SR: I see no fun in any of these boys' futures at this rate.

PAC: Plans are a must. We've talked about this, too. When we plan, you get to play more consistently. When we don't, you take off and I'm left staring at a blank page.

SR: Hmmmfph. What about when you take off?

PAC: Well, I do have a life and sometimes things aren't smooth and neat.

SR: (under her breath) You're telling me. I gave you this idea before Christmas.

PAC: I know. But we had to plan.

SR: Plan, Schman.

PAC: We'll start soon, I promise.

SR: Give me a date.

PAC: YOU want a date? You? And if I give you one, will you show up?

SR: Sure, if I get to write sex.

PAC: *sigh* No sex. February 21st then, Sophie. We'll start then.

SR: It's a holiday. President's Day. Good sales.

PAC: Sophie Rose...... (*raises eyebrows*)

SR: Ooookay.

PAC: You want the ending line of the first chapter?

SR: (*snort*) I GAVE you the ending line of the first chapter.

PAC: Well, let's share it with our readers.

SR: (*tilts her chin, nonchalant) If you must.

PAC: I must.......

Jeremiah Cutter Wade has returned home after ten years to the family ranch owned now by brother Malloy Drury Wade. The third brother, Gannon Hudson Wade, was almost killed in Afghanistan on a mission. Cutter returns home to help Gannon. First day back, Cutter is confronted by a ten-year old boy with a familiar head of dark-hair and green eyes.

"My name is Connor Wade Thompson and you're my dad."

(to be continued.....)

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Kelly McCrady said...

I like Sophie. What a snot she is LOL