Happy New Year

Why is that a new year always makes you want to make resolutions and grandiose plans? I got to contemplating this on New Year's Eve. Because really December 31st isn't much different from January 1st. Sun came up. Sun went down. Sun came up. Sun went down. See? No different.

I haven't made any secret of the fact that 2009 sucked for just about everyone I know - me included. When 2008 made its exit, I went to bed and didn't bother. This year, I was rabid about staying up and kissing that puppy out the door. The final insult to 2009 occurred at 1150 pm.

My grandson gave me an awesome coffee mug for Christmas. With a stripe of white and one of orange, the saying on the front struck a moment of joy for me: "Some days the best thing about my job is the chair spins." You see, my grandson comes into my office and gets in my lap multiple times a day and wants to spin in the chair. I always oblige him because really what is life without a chair spin.

The cup. On the edge of my desk at 1150 pm on New Year's Eve. I'd had it exactly a week. One of the dogs knocked it off - intrigued by the hot chocolate smell wafting from it apparently -- and it broke into about six pieces. (Yes, I'm on a hunt to find a new one). I looked at the clock and THANKED my lucky stars that it was the last act of 2009 (already a suckfest) and not the opening one of 2010 (all shiny and new). I know - silly and superstitious - but sometimes its all ya got.

I resolved then and there to have a better year, one where I go easy on myself and follow these few principles:

Live simply.
Love generously.
Care deeply.
Speak kindly.
Leave the rest to God.

Hope you and yours had a Happy New Year.


Kelly McCrady said...

Oh nos! The cool cup got broken :-( Poop. I looked at Hallmark for you online--no dice.

Patti Ann Colt said...

I found one! Anne took me back to the shop where she bought it and they had two left. Nice to have my coffee mug back!

extasii said...

Where can I find this mug??? Someone help. I love it and need to get it for a friend of mine!!! Please let me know where you have found it. My email is if it's not too much trouble to have you shoot me an email as to the location of where they sell this mug. Thankssss