Christmas Update

I'm more organized for this Christmas. What is wrong with me? Only little things falling through the cracks, including writing posts for my blog. The date of my last post makes it seem like Thanksgiving rolled into Christmas. It didn't. There were a few writing days in there. No new books for the Weekly Reader, though, and mostly I figured you didn't want to hear about the decorating process - the three trees, the new spot for the nine nativities I inherited from my mother, or the number of strands of lights that died this year.

I have a love/hate relationship with Christmas. I love the holiday itself - the music begins at my house before Thanksgiving. I think that's necessary because there is just so darn much of it that's fabulous. Then starts the Christmas movies - Lifetime, Hallmark, Family Channels. We've recorded a bunch, with quite a number left to watch. Then the struggle to get the decorations out - to achieve that perfect decorating place where my house looks holiday-ish and I'm not moaning about all that hasn't been done. If I have one thing that has been neglected, it's my holiday crafting - lots to do, but not much finished. Oh well, two more days.

What I hate about Christmas is the struggle to figure out what to get everyone, the money spent, and the shopping. It is so easy to go overboard and think one more present, one more present - oh, and what about the stockings. We traded names for stockings this year, which makes that much easier. But it always seems I get to Christmas with barely my last dime left. Fortunately, this too passes.

But I love the tender moments - the cards that come in the mail with news from friends, the sneaking around and all the secrets, and the love that comes from the conspiracy. And if there's stress and aggravation, it passes quickly.

Soon it will all be finished for another year. I've made no secret about the fact that 2009 has not been my best year, so I'll be up on New Year's Eve waiting for the ball to drop, and start 2010 with a prayer for a successful, sunny year.

My daughter bought me roses yesterday in appreciation for all I do to support her and my grandson. Have to say that was pretty good payment. I love flowers - roses especially. Flowers on my desk motivate me to work - a fact I'll be remembering at every step of my journey next year.

In the meantime, happy holidays to all of you and thanks for being there!

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