November and the Holidays

I lost October somewhere. I'm not exactly sure how or why, but I blinked and it was gone. Yes, I know I have a blog and the concept is that I'm supposed to write it in frequently to keep you up-to-date on Patti doings. So what have I been doing? Glad you asked.

First, I'd like to remind you that this is Halloween/Thanksgiving season and it is definitely the time to revisit a favorite read -- THE DADDY SPELL.

Pumpkin magic is always stronger during 'the season', doncha know. If you follow me on Facebook (and if not, why not???), you'll know I posted a teaser on Kiss Me Goodnight yesterday. My brother thought that was quite the marketing ploy, but truthfully I was having so much fun pulling out the pumpkin magic as a threat to Tom and Summer that I laughed my way to 2500 written words with no problem.

Of course, you're probably sitting there saying - Yeah Patti, but Kiss Me Goodnight probably won't be available to buy until Spring 2011. How do we get our Echo Falls fix until then? My Answer: I'm writing here people, as fast as I can. Harvest Moon Magic is about half finished and hopefully will be on my website before Thanksgiving. Then I'll be writing a wonderfully fun story - Boo and Lindy's Magical Christmas Matchmaking Adventure. What's it about? Ummm...I don't exactly know, but doesn't the title sound great? Yes, I have an evil grin on my face. You're just going to have to wait and see...just like waiting for Santa. I am planning to post that free short story mid-December. 2010 will be littered with several Echo Falls Short Stories to keep you up on the town doings.

The other good news is that Canyon Hearts - Echo Falls #4 - will be finished shortly, too. I've co-written this one with my writing partner and best friend, Kelly McCrady. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that my publisher can give you a double whammy of Echo Falls in 2011.

What took so long? Two things. I side-tracked for about seven months to write The Rock Star's Sheriff - Book 1 of a new series set in Parson Corners, Colorado. I sent this one to Harlequin American and it was rejected with a nice personalized letter. I plan to send it to The Wild Rose Press as well -- that means early next year because it isn't being sent until Kiss Me Goodnight has gone - so don't panic!! But hopefully I'll sweet talk you into enjoying another small town love story which has a bunch of sequels planned, too.

The second reason? I'm working on a futuristic, military romance action adventure. I not giving out many details here yet because the idea is cool and unique and I'm scaring myself to death with it. "I can't write this!!!" I wail that frequently. Then my crit group slaps me - "YES, you can!" And I go back to seeing if I can get this tale out of my head.

Have I given up on print publishing? Of course not. I have one completed romantic suspense and a new planned contemporary romance waiting in the wings to be worked on next year to be sent out into that world. There's much more coming from Patti Ann Colt.

In the meantime, I continue to take care of my grandson full-time, work my Amazon Marketplace, and write articles for associated content. Housecleaning and trips to the park fall in there somewhere. And I'm happily anticipating a trip to Nashville next year for the Romance Writers of America conference.

You can find me on Facebook most days - Patti Ann Colt. I also am on Myspace and Twitter - pattianncolt.

I'm going to write now, but I do have a six book weekly reader entry to write. Eventually I'll get tired of the books hanging around on the corner of my desk and I'll get it done.

Happy Veteran's Day to all!

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Kelly McCrady said...

D'ya know how warm and fuzzy those two words "best friend" look on screen? Hmmmmm, she hums happily :-)