Food Talking and Fun

It never ceases to amaze me how fast time moves. I feel like I just posted and yet it's been over a week. Time is a mystery to me. I know they say we all get the same amount and it's how we use it that makes it different - but I swear I don't get the same amount as everyone else. Either that or I'm just living in la la land part of the time and I'm unaware that life is moving this fast.

One fun thing - I've posted a couple of great fall soup recipes - go check them out!

I'm writing again. Back at Kiss Me Goodnight - Book 3 of Echo Falls - after taking a brief seven months (HA!) to give Harlequin a go. The strangest thing happened when I pulled the first few chapters that I had complete and reread them. I didn't think I wrote them! They were fabulous and I remember them being more crappy than that. Yes, it's true what they say. Some of us writers are just plain off our rockers.

Canyon Hearts - Echo Falls Book 4 - continues on its merry journey to the ending. Kelly McCrady and I are almost finished with this crackerjack story. It has lots of editing to be done, but we'll hopefully be able to give you a double blast of Echo Falls. If you haven't read it lately, pull The Daddy Spell and get yourself some pumpkin magic going! Two short stories will be coming up on my website, too -- Harvest Moon Magic available 10/26 and Boo and Lindy's Magical Christmas Matchmaking Adventure available 12/14.

I've been watching way too much television, but I have to say that Stargate: Universe had me squeeing in glee! So glad a new Stargate is back. Watched the pilot three times already!.

Weekly Reader is going on hiatus until January. My to-be-read pile is ridiculous, but Fall seems to be the time when I dive into projects around the house and don't read as much as I am used to. Plus, lately I'm reading my favorite authors - Suzanne Brockmann's on my bedside table right now -- and those reviews are simply too easy - A+. I'll be happy to give you reports on home improvement projects, sewing, and all my television watching if that will suffice in the meantime. ;-)

That said. Ta Ta. I'm off to watch NCIS Los Angeles.


Kelly McCrady said...

I hadn't strolled through your blog in a while. Read down the page to where I left off last time. I'm all caught up now :-)

Patti Ann Colt said...

Would be nice if I could get back into posting more - then there would be more to read! LOL!