Yard Sale

Texas weather finally decided to cooperate. There should be 90 degree weather today for my Yard Sale! Finally will be able to get all this stuff out of the garage. Ultimate goal: Get my car in the garage! Yes, it must seem strange that I'm excited about this, but we've used the garage as a storage unit for boxes and miscellaneous since we moved into this house. 'Twill be nice to finally be able to use it for what it was intended.

I haven't done a yard sale since 1997. We did a major moving sale before we left Cheney, Washington and headed to Tuscaloosa, Alabama, thanks to the Army. I do believe I was heard swearing at that one: "I will never have another garage sale."

And yet, here I am.

There are people that thrive on yard sales - giving them and visiting them, but I am not one of them. Goodwill is my weapon of choice. First, yard sales require a lot of fore thought and work. I have spent the better part of a month sorting, cleaning, throwing out, and adding to the sale pile. Yesterday, Christopher, Tiffany and I spent most of the afternoon and evening doing more sorting, pricing, and arranging tables. It's exhausting work.

Several neighbors popped over yesterday. "Having a Yard Sale?" I pause, schooling the expression on my face to bland. "Uh, no. We're just moving outside. Here's your sign." Sorry, couldn't help it. Thanks Bill Engvall.

Then we come to the day of. We've been talking about doing this for three months so I am thankful the day is finally here. It's 0-dark-30. I slept maybe three hours. I have to be outside in ten minutes to pull the tables from the garage and start loading them up. I'm still in my pajamas. Tiff will be here in 40 minutes and I'm lacking energy and enthusiasm . . . going back to that "I'm not supposed to be doing yard sales anymore. What was I thinking?" thought.

Watch enthusiasm increase as day progresses, as items are carted off, and as money adds up in the pocketbook.

Still I'm looking forward to about 4 pm this afternoon when all is said and done and my feet are up in front of the television.

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