Yard Sale Aftermath

Oh yeah, enthusiasm increased.

Many $$$ pocketed and lots of items carted off. Things of note if you decide to ever do a yard sale.

--Several people asked if we could break $100 bills. This was early on in the morning, so maybe this was their yard sale budget and they hadn't spent anything yet. But if you're only buying seven bucks worth of stuff, breaking a hundred dollar bill ain't cool. Just saying.

--Sold 90% of our baby clothes, toys, and baby furniture. I can understand that as it's expensive in the stores. I was just glad we had lots to offer.

--I was amazed by the stuff that did sell, i.e. my broken lawn mower and the bins from my dead refrigerator. I was amazed by the stuff that didn't sell - not a bit of our Christmas decorations and two seven foot artifical trees and Anne's old recliner, still in good shape.

--I'd like to express my deep appreciation and admiration for the six foot, long black haired, muscled biker dude who bought my Mom's gaudy 70's blue bubble lamps and the gamer chair. You made my day! No joke.

--I'd like to say WTF to the neighbor who brought over an old 8-track player and about thirty 8-track tapes and asked us to sell them for her. Fortunately, she said the magic word. Keep the money. I actually decided to buy them myself and see if I can sell them on e-bay.

It was a profitable, but miserably hot day. I still have stuff to take to Goodwill, but half a truck load isn't anything at all. A thorough reorganization of the garage will then net me a parking spot for my car. Sigh. The best reward of all.

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