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I noted over the weekend as I was formulating goals for this week that I am seriously out of the blogging habit. No excuses, just a promise to get back at it.

Fall has arrived in Texas. Two weeks of rain and the temperature was 59 degrees this morning. I stuck my toes in the swimming pool yesterday and mourned the chill and that another swimming season is definitely over. Time to put the patio furniture back in the garage, get out the long sleeve shirts, and try to kick some butt in the family fantasy football league. How can I go wrong with Peyton Manning?

My middle daughter is moving back home. This necessitated moving the grandson to another room, painting, reorganizing (which netted some good stuff for the yard sale), and coping with the lack of Better Homes and Gardens perfection - not that it ever looks like that, but I'm not even close lately. Thing is I've never been one to invest the hours and hours of work it takes to make it BHG, but clean without tripping over boxes would be nice.

My foot, from my slice and dice last May, is still numb. Not enjoying this much as it's very uncomfortable. And with the colder weather, switching from loose flip flops to wearing shoes and socks is a challenge. The doctor said she wouldn't refer before six months had passed because it just takes that long for nerves to regenerate, but ... pausing to scream here ... strategies for coping are getting tiresome.

In the process of moving bedrooms around and tossing unnecessary stuff, I uncovered several unfinished sewing projects and wondered when I'd gotten so busy I had no time for sewing or cross-stitching, two of my favorite hobbies after home improvement projects and reading. One in particular grasped my attention. I had started a shades/patterns in navy blue bed quilt using a bear paw pattern. I had intended it to be for my bed. I had enough squares finished for one row in a quilt and I'm not sure why I quit and put it away. Fall seems like just the time to get it out again and finish it - considering I need a new bedspread and I noted I'm working too much with no time for fun.

On the work front, those of you who are big fans of Echo Falls are probably chomping for more and wondering what the heck I'm doing. Two short stories are coming up for my website - Harvest Moon Magic - tentative post date October 26th and Boo and Lindy's Magical Matchmaking Christmas Adventure coming December 14th. I took a slight detour from Echo Falls to write a Harlequin American, which has since been rejected and put back in the drawer for later. Moving on from that I'm now working on Kiss Me Goodnight, Tom Applegate's story. AND my friend Kelly McCrady graciously agreed to co-write the next set of Echo Falls books with me - our EF Cop series. This will be Echo Falls books 4, 5, 6, and 7. The first one is Canyon Hearts and we're hoping - fingers crossed - to have that to you shortly after Kiss Me Goodnight so you will get to bask in two full-length Echo Falls books. I also have another secret project that I'm not giving out many details about. Not being superstitious here, just protecting the idea like a newborn babe, because that's what it is...fledgling. Hints? Really . . . adventure, kick ass, and no vampires involved. :-) Sorry. No more.

In other venues of my life, I continue to enjoy taking care of my grandson who is now two and keeping me running. I think I enjoyed his birthday presents as much as he did - seriously, Lego Thomas the Train! Dude! My Amazon Marketplace is taking up a chunk of time and continuing to challenge. If you visit Amazon to buy a used book and see one from coltbooks - that's me. Buy from me, please.

There won't be a weekly reader this week. I'm wading through a writing book this week and reading magazines, but I noted Cindy Gerard has a new one coming out. Expect a trip to Borders and a quick read of that one. In the meantime, Fall is in the air. Once I survive the yard sale I'm having this weekend, it'll be time for pumpkins and Halloween stuff to make their appearance at my house. How about yours?

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