The Attic, Christmas and Yard Sales

My last few weeks have been consumed with cleaning out random cupboards, boxes, and yes, even the garage and attic. While I'm definitely more a 'Give it to Goodwill' girl, I'm having a yard sale this coming weekend. I'm insane, I know.

Last weekend, with my nephew and his wife, we sorted through a series of random boxes that were in my attic. The majority of these boxes were Christmas decorations that I had brought back from my Mom's three summers ago when we cleaned out her house after my Dad died.

I must stop here and explain that my Mom was a freak about collecting things and she was also a freak about Christmas decorating. Combine the two and you get whole bunches of stuff. She would start decorating around Halloween and had a 'themed' tree in every room. By that I mean, she had a tree in the kitchen that was all teddy bears. She had a tree that was all bird ornaments. She had a tree that was all angels (this one is now in my living room every Christmas), etc. You get the idea. Plus she kept adding and adding and adding to her decorations. I don't think there ever was a point where she said: "I have too much." For her it was the ooh factor. "Ooh, wouldn't that be pretty on so-and-so." "Yes, Mom." It was really the only answer to give her. Such enthusiasm deserved to be rewarded and she felt strongly that Christmas was a season, not one day.

I believe I inherited fifteen green storage tubs with Christmas stuff and culled from those the best of the best - nativity sets, porcelain and crystal angels, delicate ornaments, bubble lights . . . you get the idea. These boxes that we pulled from the attic . .. uh hum... are the most random leftover decorations I've ever seen. Hence the reason they ended up in the attic. Unfortunately, the eclectic mix of candles melted in the Texas heat generated in my attic, but some of the other stuff, yeah. I think it's garbage. My nephew says that random stuff sells at yard sales.

We shall see.

Now, if only the four boxes of Beckett's Sports Magazines and the three boxes of National Geographics would make their way from the attic to the tables and sell, I might pocket a bunch of change.

Well, maybe not.

Stay tuned for more adventures in Yard Sales.

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