The Sweetheart Dance

The Sweetheart Dance was reviewed by Melinda at Night Owl Romances. Thank you so much, Melinda. I'm once again stunned and humbled by how much everyone enjoyed Meg and Bret's story.

Hearts: 5.00 / 5 - Reviewer Top Pick

Welcome back to Echo Falls where the matriarch of the Applegate family is up to her sleeves in matchmaking again. Meet Meg Applegate who is once again mooning over the police officer that her family has adopted. He is everything she wants in a man the problem is Bret Cara doesn't acknowledge her as a woman. Meg has been seeing him at social events, lunches and nightly dinners at her grandmother's house but other than that nothing else. At this year's Sweetheart dance she is ready to make her move. However, other people want something from her and she ends up drunk and acting like a fool by kissing him. Although somewhere in her befuddled mind she recalls someone kissing her back. Can it be true? Is Bret Cara really interested in her? Or is it just her imagination that each time she teases him he has this don't tempt me woman or you will get more than you want look that makes her shiver all the way to her toes.

Bret Cara has endured years of torture attending the Applegates dinners and lunches. Torture because all he wants to do is spirit Meg away and make her his girl in every way. He always thought she looked at him like a big brother but when she kissed him after a drunken night he knows she is the woman for him. The thing is that he is not a commitment guy but instead a no-strings kind of guy. With Meg though he feels something more and the passion between is nothing like he has ever had with other women before. Meg shows him a life he wishes he had but is afraid of committing to. Can he commit to one woman? Bringing Meg into his work life was stupid but she is the greatest help he needs in breaking a case. Can he walk away from Meg's kisses and love without his heart breaking?

Oh my god I was so thrilled when I got this book and read that it was a sequel to the Daddy Spell. Patti Ann Colt had me with the first book and enchanted me more in this beautiful tale. Bret and Meg are perfect for each other yet they are both stubborn. I loved that Meg is definitely all woman for Bret but he is cautious of his love. Burned in the past and raised by terrible parents he is definitely cautious of Meg's affections. What started as a not marrying kind of guy is making him realize that he might lose the best thing in his life. I loved The Sweetheart Dance and can't wait for more of this author's works. I loved that Patti Ann Colt brought back the whole family in this enchanting tale.

Great job Patti!

Melinda, Night Owl Romances

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Kelly McCrady said...

Makes me think we need more family involvements in Canyon Hearts, and more mentions/drive bys of Applegate clan members