Update on All Things Patti

Welllll... my life has been a tad too complicated lately. I suppose I am way overdue for an update in all the things going on. So we'll start with the second most tramatic thing that has happened since I last posted an update. (If you've been reading my blog, you know the first was that we had to have our oldest dog put to sleep. Unexpected. Heartbreaking. Sigh. Still miss him).

Last Thursday, I was being an appropriately well-organized home owner and getting all our trash bags to the curb for the garbage man. One problem - forgot there was a broken mirror shard in one of the bags. Yes, you can say ouch now. Nice little cut on my leg; annoying trip to the emergency room; 9 stitches and no cute doctors later, I'm on my way home. Numb foot - as all the nerve endings to the top of my foot were in that cut section, but walking on it, no infection so far, and counting the days to get these pulling, tight stitches OUT. Picture below, if you like the Frankenstein thing.

Grandson is growing like a weed, inhaling all foods as long as they aren't vegetables, and focused on the words "GO!" and "Car!" Working to expand that vocabulary to include ball, mama, up, and Grannie is Fantastic! Well, maybe not that last one.

Pool is now 88 degrees and of comfortable swimming temperature. This just means that everyone comes to visit more [grin], and they all smell like sunscreen and are towing along friends. Hmm. Keeps the conversation flowing. Another picture - Zach's first day in the pool this year . . .

So, Patti, does everything revolve around Zach at your house? Apparently. 200 pictures of him on the camera. Do the math.

Still not reading. Books piled by the bed. Stack is enticing, but Dr. Mario and a new simple cross-stitching project are winning out. Oh yes, and went to Star Trek for the third time -- if you're keeping track.

As for the writing - it's going pretty well. One of these days I'll update the widgets on my blog to accurately reflect the word count, I promise. Here's the update on all things writing:

The Rock Star's Sheriff proposal is just about ready to go to Harlequin American. Keeping fingers crossed.

My out-of-comfort zone - futuristic military romantic suspense is crawling along at a snail's pace. But that's okay. Gives it more time to percolate.

My joint Echo Falls project with Kelly McCrady now has 6 chapters, 31,000 words, and a title: Canyon Hearts. If you're keeping track, this one is fourth in the Echo Falls sequence, coming after Kiss Me Goodnight - which is only a partial manuscript at the moment. Interesting experiment to write the goings on in Echo Falls with the gap, but I'm up to the fun and challenge.

I'm also partially into part two of Olivia's romance with Thomas, If I Give My Heart - Thomas has come home from the war and the adjustments are more than they both bargained for. Hoping to have it posted on June 22nd - what would have been my parents 68th wedding anniversary.

Finally, taking a great workshop from Margie Lawson on using body language in your writing. Her workshops are so high-powered, but worth the time and effort - plus she's great fun!!

I guess that's all I can think of. Still posting recipes over on my Worth A Damn Recipe Site. Come on over and visit if you need some everyday cooking ideas.


Carrie Lofty said...

Your pool water is 88? Lake Michigan today is only 59! We'll see summer in late August, just in time to have perfect weather for buying gasoline for our snowblowers!

Patti Ann Colt said...

Ah reminds me of Idaho. I was just commenting to Christopher that we used to swim in Snow Creek in Idaho when it was only 65 freaking degrees. Now I won't get my toes wet if the pool is under 85. What pansies we've become!