It's been a week since I posted anything. Two weeks since I posted any actual comments on my life in general. Trying to come up with a righteous excuse. How about this?

Update on Foot: Stitches out. Cut pretty much closed, although tender. Nerves are not my friend. They are regenerating in the top of my foot and down one tendon into my toes. Hurts. That's actually mild phrasing. Using the pain smiley faces to depict my discomfort, well :-( doesn't suffice. Bang your funny bone on something and multiply it by ten. That's how my foot feels. Apparently 3-6 months of this. Nothing to be done until the nerves have a chance to heal.

Weekly Reader - Yes, there will be one this weekend. Yes, Alyssa's book rejuvenated my need to read, but not in the way you think. Watch for that blog this weekend.

Am I writing? Why, yes I am. Thank you for asking. Slow . . . like a rusty old truck with a flat tire, but at least I'm back at it. When I get to racecar speed, I'll let you know.

I'm blogging over at Happy Endings today. Come visit me.

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