Cowboy Hotties

I think I mentioned that on our return trip through Denver two weeks ago, we had a three hour layover. Yes, we ate. Yes, we let Zach run around and blow off steam. We also made the circuit of all the shops in the Denver airport. Of course, I couldn't resist these little magnets - they match my coffee mug and the life size standie that's already in my office. Yes, I have a thing for John Wayne - thanks for asking.

I also found this cute little magnet that I have attached to my file cabinet by my desk - pardon if it's blurry. Apparently metal doesn't scan that well.

And so I've been giving some thought to the sentiment on this little tin. "Got my horse, got my dog, who needs a cowboy." Hmmm. . . . let's see . . . .

Prime cowboy material #1

Prime cowboy material #2

Prime cowboy material #3

Oops! Navy SEAL. Drool.

Prime cowboy material #4

Prime cowboy material #5

Obviously this poor cowgirl needs some spectacles or something! Stay tuned tomorrow . . . when I'm going to talk about:

If you don't know who this is . . ah, honey. I'm so sorry. Tomorrow . . .


Carrie Lofty said...

Can I have #5 please?

Patti Ann Colt said...

Yes, you may! :-D