Thursday, May 14, 2009



Yes! I escaped with my son this morning for my usual Mother's Day present. A trip to the theatre. Ticket, popcorn, coke in hand. Star Trek. Ahhh. Finally.

I am an original Trekkie girl. I was ten when the show started on television in 1966. I used to have to sneak time to watch it, as my mother didn't think it was an appropriate show for a ten year old. She didn't like it much better when I was thirteen either, but I watched many of the episodes anyway...usually by begging my dad. I was a Kirk girl.

Flash forward to 2009. Forty years later, I'm still a Trekkie. I've been anticipating this movie since they announced they were making it. I was literally terrified they would screw it up, much the same as Star Trek The Movie - which wasn't that good - and I'd be utterly disappointed.

Thank GOD, that was not the case. It's stunning. Brilliant. Entertaining. Humorous. Fun!

The plot is a standard, tried and true story, much like many westerns and many of the old ST shows. I actually was glad of that. That allowed for the ultimate connections with the new characters. You didn't have to wade through a complicated plot, or one that twisted with huge surprises, or spend more than a half second to figure out what was going on. You got to spend your time gawking at the technology (which is stupendous!) and basking in the byplays between everyone. They're like old friends, yet new ones.

I loved the way these actors thrilled us with the well-known sayings from the original series, yet their delivery was fresh and original -- as if the words were being uttered for the first time and they didn't know they have been oft repeated since the television show.

I like the fact that Spock got the girl in this one and Kirk doesn't ( I didn't count the gratitous half-sex scene with the green lady.) Totally hated the fact that in the original series Jim Kirk had to kiss the girl on every damn flipping episode. Of course, I was a Kirk girl, so yes, jealousy was involved.

Did you notice, in keeping with tradition, the guy in red uniform died. Kirk, Sulu, and Olsen - wasn't it? - don their parachute rockets and take off for the planet to try and save Vulcan. Who dies? The guy in red. Who died in the old series? It was always the extras dressed in red.

Finally, totally unexpected was a sudden lust for a down home southern boy. Sigh.

I said to John during the closing credits that I intended to see this movie 10 more times in the theatre before it went away. Why? he asks. Because the first time you watch to see what happens, to see if you love it or hate it. The second time is to pay attention to dialogue, bits and pieces you missed. From then on it's about nuances - I told you I'm a trekkie. And it's probably the only movie in my recent memory that I'd pay out $9 to see any time, any where. (And seriously, I saw Star Wars in the theatre ten times, and it seems I've found a movie I can break that record with.)

Message to: J.J. Abrams, Roberto Orci & Alex Kurtzman, Paramount and Spyglass Entertainment - another dozen Star Trek movies please...make them as good as this one!

"You bet your ass, Captain!"


Carrie Lofty said...

Wasn't is just GREAT??? I keep wondering why the hell people haven't let me go see it again! That's it. I'm running away this weekend. I totally HEART Spock + Uhura. She's so independent and clever that her reserve suits Spcok, but there's the underlying respect, affection, and dare I say it?--the potential for behind-closed-doors combustion. And Chris Pine...sigh. And Karl Urban! Just brilliant, all around. He could've been hideously awful with third-rate lampoons. Gah! Instead it was majestic and fun and sexy and fast. So cool.

Oh, and Keven and I laughed when we saw the three going down to the drill. Lesseeee.... Kirk, Sulu, and a dude in red! Bwahaha! They let him die quickly coz we all knew it was coming!

Patti Ann Colt said...

It was the most awesomeness! Is that even a word? LOL. Was going to go again today, but sick dog prevented that. Calculating window of work schedules here to see when I can escape again!

Carrie Lofty said...

I haz pirate copy! Can't wait for the DVD release.