The state of my DVR and other randomness

First, I'm heading out tomorrow for Idaho, Bonners Ferry, the land of my birth. Anne, Jamie and Zach are coming with me. We're going for my uncle's memorial service, so we'll get to see a bunch of family, visit my dad's grave, and drive around my old stomping grounds. First time I will have been there since we sold my folks house, so it seems strange to be in a hotel room with no place to really call home there anymore. Sigh. I'm taking four paperbacks (optimistic for a two day trip with a toddler on a plane, but God forbid I wouldn't have a choice) and absolutely NO work. Alas, it will be a quick trip - home on Sunday.

My DVR is crying. I have recorded so many shows and movies - about 22 hours worth of stuff and I have no time to watch. Have recently contemplated why I hit the record when I know it won't get watched. Some kind of television compulsion sickness apparently. Does this happen to you, too?

Writing is going well - enough said. Don't want to jinx it. Entry into Deidre Knights BOOK IN A NUTSHELL emailed yesterday after literally days of tinkering by three separate people. YaY!

And these fall into the WTF category:

--Why is the preferred menu on Disney DVDs called Fast Play? [snort]
--Why is it when I finally sit down to watch some television and I find a favorite TV show on reruns that I ALWAYS hit the first part of a two-parter I haven't seen? (with the second-part no where on the schedule)[gak!]

I spent parts of the last two days having professionals tinker with my hair. I'm not sure I ranted on my blog - but my girls are sick of hearing the story. Last year, before I went to Nationals, my hair was looking kinda dull and lifeless and I wanted to look spiffy for the conference. I went to a very expensive salon and had my hair colored. I asked for a strawberry blonde (nearer my own color without the gray) and got dark, red-red red. Not only that, but in an effort to get the color blended the person double processed the top inch. You can surmise correctly that I hated it, but there was nothing to be done. I went to Nationals and enjoyed myself, but was NOT happy with my hair. Two weeks later, the lower portions of my hair had faded to dull brown and the top inch was still dark, red-red red. The dark red-red red has stayed in my hair every since, refusing to be covered with any other attempt at a different color and I refused to go dark again to blend it. My girls have listened to me bitch, bitch, bitch about my hair for months. I've been waiting for it to grow and it's been taking its damn sweet time. I'm happy to announce that yesterday, FINALLY, my hair was long enough for the red to be chopped off. I had to go a tad shorter than I would have preferred, but it was a super relief to walk out of my stylist and have my hair look decent. A quick trip to another colorist - who knew what the heck she was doing (thanks Mo!) and I have pretty fab hair again. Pictures over the weekend and I'll post them next week, I promise.

I'm off now to finish cleaning and pack, hoping to be in bed in time for enough sleep that getting up at 0-dark-30 will not be too hard.

See ya all Monday - have a good weekend.

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