Weekly Reader - March 15, 2009

I finished off my Lora Leigh stack. I had the remaining Breed books on my list to reread plus her new one, Coyote's Mate. Again, my ratings are all A+ on these. I especially like The Breed Next Door - a strong heroine, and a man who is brought to his knees by fresh baked bread and coffee. Sweet!

1. The Breed Next Door in the Hot Spell Anthology
2. Aiden's Charity
3. Mercury's War
4. Christmas Heat in Xmas Cat Anthology

Another A+ read; I highly recommend this one. Both the hero (Del-Ray) and heroine (Anya) make serious mistakes in their relationship, both have painful experiences to make them realize it. It's a book packed with emotion; it'll have you crying, screaming, laughing . . . but never once will you put it down and walk away.

I have several e-books to cover next week. Also, I visited Ann Aguirre's blog this week. She has four new books up for vote for her April book reading. One of my favorite author's is on her list with her new one - Nalini Singh's Angels Blood. You won't have to guess which one I voted for. :-)

Until next week, I wish you well in your reading and your life!

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