Weekly Reader - February 22 and March 1, 2009

Joann Ross adds a A+ read to her High Risk series with this one. Shane and Kirby are a sexy couple, with an emotional, steamy relationship placed amidst a dynamite plot. First section is a tad choppy with all the back story sorted through it, but ride it out. You'll be glad you did.

No score on this one. I didn't finish it. I looked it up because it is the sequel to The Ranger and I wanted to see what happened to Fletcher. Characters are well drawn once again, but the plot drags.

I've been promising myself for some time that I would revisit Lora Leigh's Breed series and was finally in the mood to do so. I'm not going to review each one because y'all know how big a fan I am of this series . . . and they all get A+s in my book. I love the cover of Tanner's Scheme - my favorite of all of them. Remember these are NC-17 erotica with heart-wrenching emotion and nail biting plots. I invite you to visit Sanctuary and Haven and enjoy! If you need descriptions, visit

1. Tempting the Beast
2. The Man WIthin
3. Elizabeth's Wolf
4. Kiss of Heat
5. Soul Deep
6. Megan's Mark
7. Harmony's Way
8. Tanner's Scheme
9. Wolfe's Hope
10. Jacob's Faith
11. In A Wolf's Embrace - Beyond Dark Anthology
12. Dawn's Awakening
13. A Jaquar's Kiss - Shifter Anthology

Still to read:
The Breed Next Door - Hot Spell Anthology
Aiden's Charity
Mercury's War
Christmas Heat - Christmas Cat Anthology
Coyote's Mate

Next week is e-book week. I'm planning my Weekly Reader based on a pile of e-books I have on my laptop. If you have any ebooks you'd like to recommend that I seek out and read, be sure to leave me a comment!

Have a wonderful week!

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