Update on All Things Patti

First, have you checked out the reviews on THE SWEETHEART DANCE? They are amazing! Thanks to everyone who read, loved, and gushed! I've done my job and am so happy now.

New project now in the works for Harlequin. In the interest of not jinxing my current maniac writing bouts, I'm mum as to what it's about. BUT - my target submission is Harlequin American. It's title is The Rock Star's Sheriff. Yum!

More after it's finished.

I'll be on Happy Endings next Wednesday with a new post on writing. Please join me and leave a comment.

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone! Visit my recipe blog next week for All Food Irish.

Nobody had a guess as to the year I graduated from High School? Tsk. Tsk. Y'all are slipping. 1975.

I'm signing off now - desk is buried. How does this happens? Me think mischievous chaos fairies come into my office and dump stuff on my desk. Yep, that explains it. I'll ship them to you for cheap. Any takers?

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