Thursday, March 26, 2009

Update on All Things Patti and Weekly Reader

I'm just sitting here eating salsa and chips, drinking water, and cruising the blogs. I was just over on pal Carrie Lofty's blog where she talks about not having posted for several days and people stalking her. About that time I had a brain flash and realized its been mega amounts of time since I posted anything on my blog! Gads - it must be catching! So I'm going to roll a whole bunch of randomness into one post. That way I can say I caught up, even if I boggled your mind in the process. hehe

What have I been doing?

New project is still going well. Added another 9,000 words since I last posted. Also I made my monthly blog appearance over on Happy Endings where I talked about writing books and workshops. Join me on April 15th - Ha! Tax Day - for my next post. Topic is still percolating in my brain.

Personal wise, spring has arrived in Texas. With that a bunch of spring cleaning and self-improvement projects have moved to the front burner.

Anne encouraged Becca and I to join her on a self-improvement quest; Change your Life Challenge by Brook Noel. We've been working through the book (and yes, I admit Anne and Becca are way ahead of me). The ideas have similarities to other things I've done, but these are grouped together in an interesting, supportive way. If you're feeling a need to get on a new track, I highly recommend this book.

With spring always comes the urge to shed these excess pounds that add up from emotional eating and winter laziness. I took that in hand and have been actually using my stationary bike to ride instead of throw clothes on and I've unearthed my exercise video collection. That means I get to be best friends with Denise Austin again for awhile. Sigh.

This next one falls into the Fun With Grandson category. I just figured out how to send my cell phone pictures to a scrapbook online so I can actually have access to these suckers. Check it out.

Somebody give me a credit card!

Somebody tell Mom she's crazy!

Somebody feed me!

Somebody put me to bed!

Somebody send me to Engineering School!

Miscellaneous Randomness:

Visit Ann Aguirre site and check out the next featured book in her Book Club (Undone by Rachel Caine). I'm up for reading a new book. How about you?

Visit Bonnie Grove - Fiction Matters Blog and read my friend Kelly McCrady's take on being both an editor and an author.

Celebrating here: Favorite Author Nalini Singh's novel Mine to Possess is a 2009 Rita Finalist in the Paranormal Category. Check it out at Romance Writers of America.

Weekly Reader
It's a short weekly reader this week because once again I revisited a few keepers off my shelf instead of reading much new.

Nalini Singh

(Still my favorite!)

(Rita Nominee - YaY!)

Jessica Anderson

My one new read:

Score: B+ Not much to add to that. Solid, entertaining read with a complex plot, lots of lush details, and nifty conflict. Lots at stake in these. Warning though - don't read unless you have time to just sit and do it. Annoying to have to put down at stop lights and drive. :-)

Finally, for once Lifetime got it right. Nora Roberts Northern Lights premiered last weekend and was the best of all the Nora movies I've seen so far. I swore off them last year after watching Blue Smoke and becoming annoyed with all the plot changes from the book. Granted, I had just read Blue Smoke when I watched that one and it's been quite some time since I read Northern Lights. It seemed to me, though, that they hit the basic highlights of this book and left all the quirkiness of Lunacy, Alaska intact. Eye candy helped!

Okay. Now that I see your eyes rolling back in your head from all the info, I'll say I'm done - Ta Ta For Now!

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Zach is soooo adorable

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