Weekly Reader - February 1, 2009

Time to catch up before I forget all that I read. :-) Not much variety here. I've been trying to finish up the Janette Oke pile I got from the library. No back cover blurbs this time either . . . you can check those out at Amazon or Fantastic Fiction.

I've now completed the Love Comes Softly series and as a whole I liked the books much more than the Hallmark movies. The books get a solid B. I have never understood why television feels compelled to change so much. In this case, the entire family structure is different for no purpose as near as I can tell. My biggest complaint was that the movie killed Missy's husband and had her remarry. Imagine my surprise when that event never happened in the books. Sigh! I have the same problem with Nora Roberts movies and that's why I avoid them. Anyway, if you want to drool over Dale Midkiff, watch the movies, but don't expect the books to follow the plot lines. They don't - except for maybe the first one.

On analysis, there really wasn't anything special about this book except that it hit a chord with me because it mirrored my parents, my father's death, and having to move my mom from her house. Evoked strong emotion as I was reading it. Fortunately for Mrs. Doc, she got that happy ending, so I was pleased. Another solid B.

I only finished this one because I was fascinated with Shiloh and Hawk, both strong, dynamic characters. The plot, however, had everything but the kitchen sink thrown in and the pacing was not the best. Won't stop me from finding the sequel because I always hope for a better book next time out. This one gets a C.

I don't have much to say about this one. Read it out of curiosity. If you don't mind living on juice and raw vegetables and giving up bread, pasta, sugar, alcohol, caffeine, meat, and most other foods I have on my have to list, then you'll be interested in this and some of its recipes. While I understand the concepts and think it has some value, I do not have the self-will to carry off a program like this. I like my chocolate too much. But if you are having health issues or feel the need to detox your body, then this is the book to do it with.

That's all this week. I'm reading my GH entries this week and am commencing massive promotions for THE SWEETHEART DANCE - releasing a week from tomorrow!! - so I don't know how many other books I'll get to for next week's weekly reader.

Stay warm. Spring is coming.

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