The Sweetheart Dance Released Today!

It's here! Visit for your e-book copy or order a print copy from, or

I have scads of stuff planned, so let me get started.

First, CONTEST!!! LOL! In one hundred words or less, describe your sweetheart -- he/she can be real or fantasy, I don't care! Send entries to My usual posse of judges (Anne, Jamie, John, Becca) will pick a winner on Wednesday, February 25th. Prize: Autographed print copies of both The Daddy Spell and The Sweetheart Dance! So make those descriptions spectacular.

Second, I'll be guesting on Kelly McCrady's blog today answering trivia questions about all things Echo Falls. She came up with some doozy questions, y'all. You're going to want to go check it out!

Third, I'll be in Long and Short Reviews Author Spotlight next week. I have some fun and interesting things to say. That's February 16-20th at LASR!

Finally, on Wednesday, February 18th, I'll be starting my monthly posts over at Happy Endings, Jeannie Ruesch's writing advice blog. My first post is on procrastination and I hope you'll join me there and leave me a comment.

Finally, be patient. I'll have a new short Echo Falls story up on my website - - sometime next week. I'm polishing the tear-jerk ending as we speak. It's title is "A Winter Romance" and it's the story of how Olivia, our Applegate family matriarch, met her husband Thomas. Robin and Chad's "Christmas Magic" is still available, plus lots of other extras - community recipes, the Daddy Spell video trailer (The Sweetheart Dance video trailer is still under construction), and an Echo Falls map.

Whew! I think that's it for now. I will have a special Valentine's Day recipe tomorrow and a Weekly Reader post on Sunday!


LorelieLong said...

Happy release day, Patti!

Kelly McCrady said...

Yay you! I'm off to buy my copy with my newly-earned article money in PayPal...