Weekly Reader - January 25th, 2009

Ha! See. I said you wouldn't have to wait a month for my next weekly reader. I had a marvelous reading experience this week. Let me share.

I'm simply going to gush now. Bear with me. Oh - before the words start tumbling out of my mouth - this set of books is a A+ Gold, read it over and over and over, stay up until 5 am, lids drooping, pages still turning KEEPER! One word of warning. Buy ALL three, or wait until June when book 4 is released and buy ALL 4 because they are hooked together and Lordie, you aren't going to want to wait. You'll close the book on one and immediately open the first pages on the next.

Occassionally, I'll find a set of books that just enthrall me. My greatest joy is one where I sink so far in the story I want to go live there. For instance, I want to work for Roarke, I want to be a beloved spouse of one of the Wolf MacKenzie's boys, I want to take my place in the Clans of the Sholan World, I want my own Lion's breed mate, I want to go live with the Pack and challenge the Psi world, and I want to be Sheriff Tate's secretary in Conard County. (Yes, if you can identify ALL of those authors and the series, you get a prize! Leave me a comment.)

See my hands now rubbing together with glee as I get to add another one to my list. I want to be one of the Tairen Soul's Warriors with my own ability to manipulate the elements. Take your time with the reading and absorbing of these - they are lush, lyrical with tons of political intrigue, harsh evil vs good, and hot, popping action. I literally had Lady of Light and Shadows stuck in my hand, even when driving, so I could read at red lights. I was hugely frustrated when I finished three to discover four won't be out until June. What is the matter with that? Holy cow, I will have to read all of them again to refresh my memory. Hmm. Yes!
I won't bore you with a back cover blurb, because they simply don't do these books justice. I literally stumbled on them. Can't remember what link I followed that ended up with a youtube interview from the book cover artist that created Lady of Light and Shadow, and she was showing off this cover. It got me intrigued and I went looking. You should go now, too. Seek. Find. Read. Gush like me.

And, as promised,

If you have any kind of fascination with pioneers and the settling of the west, these are worth the read. Janette Oke gets everything right in these, they are detailed, finely draw out characters and community and just full of emotion. It always amazes me when I read the book AFTER seeing the movies, how much difference there is. I enjoyed both with these and I think you will, too.

I also took time this week for some television. Reached far back for this one and it was worth it for the eye candy, the humor, and the action.

Season one was marvelous, and I'm waiting for season two to come from blockbuster. If you've got some time and an interest in the old west, these are definitely worth the tube time.

On the trivia note from last time: Nobody came up with the right answer for my top three male leads. So, here they are and I'll add a fourth just for flavor.

1. Richard Dean Anderson
2. Drake Hogenstyn
3. Dale Midkiff
4. Mark Harmon

I'd post pictures, but this post is already too long, so I'll save that for another time. [sigh]

TTFN. Go read.

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Kelly McCrady said...

OK, I haven't gotten an answer from either of the loops I've asked, and I know you read tons of books. Tons more than I LOL.

Can you think of a fantasy romance that did not include magic? Just a fantastical setting? I'm trying to find similar authors/books to EE, wondering if non-magic kills the "sales value" of it. I'm paranoid.