Weekly Reader - January 17, 2009

I have this huge stack of books on my desk. No, this stack isn't more of my to-be-read pile (which numbers in the upper 200s). They are actually my weekly reader pile of read books. According to my pile, it's been about a month since I posted one. Hopefully, this will be the last large post and I'll get back to the 'weekly' part of the reader post. :-)

Since the pile is so big, I'm not going to post thumbnail synopses of the back cover blurbs. If you want that info, visit Amazon or Fantastic Fiction.

Cherry, you just keep slipping down my list of favorite authors. This one gets a D. I love your writing style. I love the way you can give a word punch. But your plotting on this one left alot to be desired. My main objection: Africa, people are dying from a deadly plague. H/H are flirting, kissing, making out like there isn't blood and death all around them. Hero's powers are fluctuating and he does nothing to figure out why. Sorry, but this book annoyed from beginning to end. I don't think I'll be reading the others. That makes me sad, as I've been a big fan of her T-FLAC series, but so many books, so little time.

I know there are those of you out there who are sick of Navy SEAL books crowding the shelves at your favorite bookstore. Me, not so much. I'm a Navy SEAL slut. I can't believe I let these slip past my radar. This one gets an A. It sizzles. It's full of emotion, action, and is damn realistic. Always a fan of Joann Ross in her category romances, for some reason I never made the transition to her mainstream. Boy, am I sorry now. This one is definitely worth finding a pillow and curling up to read. And I'm rubbing my hands together in anticipation of hitting the used bookstore to correct that serious reading oversight.

Second in the series, this one gets an A also. A plot right out the headlines with a plausible twist in the bad guy. Edge of the seat, nail biting read. Tension builds, the romance is hot, the dialogue moves the story. What more can you ask for? This one will definitely keep you reading past bedtime.

A couple of months ago, I decided to watch all of the Hallmark Channel's Janette Oke's Love Comes Softly series -- mainly because Dale Midkiff is in my top three favorite male actors and he's in all of those. (You get points if you know who my number one and two favorite male actors are!! Have to prove it, though. Leave me a comment). Anyhoo, I've never read any of her books. So I trekked to the library and came home with all eight of them, six of which have movies made. Those will be in next week's reader. I picked up this one because I'd just had a conversation with family about the journey by great-grandfather and his wife made from Denmark to come to America. Kathleen in this book comes from England to marry Donnigan, sight unseen. It's a neat little love story about two people finding their way to love and family. It gets a B.

Jamie, Becca, and I picked up one of Jacquelyn Frank's book to read together. Since reading Twilight, they've been in a demon mood. Unfortunately, we picked up Damien and it is book four of this series. So I went back to read the first three to see what we would be missing when we tried to step into this five book series. This one is my favorite of the two I've read, but still gets mixed reviews. Characters are fabulous. The plot is pretty darn sharp. But such a complex world takes a tremendous amount of world building which slows the story. I'm the kind of person who likes to read every word an author writes and sink into the story she's trying to tell. My main complaint here is wordiness. Four pages to describe a kiss. Six paragraphs to describe mundane things when two or three words would have sufficed. And some of this wordiness interrupts the action. I found myself outright skimming, page after page. If the story hadn't been so fabulous, this would have gone in my trade pile. So the characters and the plot get a B+, the writing itself a C.

This one suffered from the same issues - more pronounced this time. Two chapters were absolute info dumps. World building that had to be covered, but was not done in a way that integrated it into the story very well. Again, though, the characters and plot were stellar, although this time the plot took forever to develop - maybe that's because I was wading through world building and wordiness. I took a break from these. I do want to finish the five of them, but just can't stand skimming when I read. It makes me feel like I'm going to miss something. Score: C.

So, I skipped on to this one. Can I just say -- Oh. My. God. This was a good choice to wash away the frustration from the last two reads. This gets an A+. Absolutely flawed and fabulous characters, plot lines that ran like a roller coaster ride,and lyrical, compelling prose. Wow! Just when I thought she'd wrap up a plot line, she'd smack it down another alley to the unexpected. Bad guy was just plain bad and she handled a sticky human rights issue with just the right touch. Go. Find. Read.

I was given this book for Christmas - partly, I think, because Anne is a big JD Robb fan, too, and she wanted to read it. Great Eve and Dallas story in this one, for a short. Considering that I don't think even her full-length novels are long enough for me to bask in Eve/Roarke world, this one was a nice teaser. I wasn't so impressed with the other three stories, but the book was worth the buy for Ritual in Death so I won't complain. Ritual gets an A, the rest a C.

Nora Robert's Sign of the Seven trilogy is her best ever. It took me a long time to make the transition from her category's (which I loved) to her mainstream (which I had mixed feelings about and for a long time didn't consistently read). A few years back, Anne came home with the Three Sisters trilogy and I read those and decided that maybe I was missing something. I've been selective with Nora's stuff ever since, but not disappointed. After I read the Circle Trilogy - Morrigan's Cross, Dance of the Gods, Valley of Silence - those became my favorite, along with High Noon. Those have now been knocked off. This is her best ever. Three men. Three woman. Fighting an evil that is not to be denied. The twists, the turns, the details, the families, the love and sex, the prose, the rhythm - A+ Keepers - all of them. Thanks, Nora!

Believe it or not, that's it! Next week's hopefully will consist of all of Janette Oke's Love Comes Softly and a few others from my TBR pile. Until then, stay warm my friends and find a good book.


Kelly McCrady said...

I am a Janette Oke fan. My grandma bought me one of her books when I was 12 and I loved it so much I begged for more. I now have two of her series, the Love Comes Softly books and the ones about Elizabeth the teacher who marries the mountie (thus my obsession with mounties) starting with When Calls the Heart. Wonderful romance on the Canadian frontier.

Patti Ann Colt said...

Ok, so now I see I've got to run to the library again. Thanks, Kell!