Update on All Things Patti

Here we are already at the end of January. I won't whine about the weather, as I know many of you live up north and have more to complain about, but I'm sure ready for spring.

All things work: I'm plodding along like an old plow horse. Some pages edited. Some words written. Most work days I accomplish something, so I'll be content with that. THE SWEETHEART DANCE is set to release on February 13th. Stay tuned for a few special announcements next week about that including a contest and a very special story to be posted on my website. Also of note: If you need to 'catch up' on my Echo Falls series, I have some print copies of THE DADDY SPELL on my Amazon Marketplace for a good price and The Wild Rose Press has the e-book on sale right now.

All things cookbook: I have a new project in the works - a cookbook. It started with a conversation about how it would be nice to have one cookbook that had everyday recipes in it. Not ones with lots of weird ingredients that have you running to the store, but ones that are typical fare for an average family that would help with meal planning in this tight, tight economy. One discussion over the dinner table with the family and it's become a living, breathing, growing project! Don't know what to have for dinner, need new ideas - go check it out: Worth A Damn Recipes. The cookbook will be out in late summer with a companion meal-planner. And the neatest part, every Sunday the entire family gets together and cooks to make sure the recipes we list are really worth a damn. Check it out.

All things health: I've managed to suffer through two colds since Christmas. Zach has managed to avoid both of them. And speaking of Zach, please keep him in your thoughts. He goes in on Feburary 10th to be sedated and have his eardrums tested. Child is still not saying any words. He's full of spunk and sass, though, and testing mommy and grannie on a daily basis - just like a toddler should.

All things family: Seems we survived wedding, survived Christmas, and now all of us are just in work mode. I am diligently avoiding soon to be ex and it's having positive benefits on my mental health and my happiness meter. Anticipating Valentine's Day, another birthday, and blooming trees in the next month. Life is good. How about you?

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