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Weekly Reader - December 7, 2008

Christmas decorating has arrived. Yay! I love Christmas and I promised myself last year(when I didn't get my tree up until the week of Christmas) that I would do better this year. Well, I did. It's done and looks fabulous. However, even though I've been reading lots, stopping to tell y'all about it keeps getting pushed to the bottom of the to do list. I know you understand. Trees, lights, cookies, cards, cleaning etc. etc. etc. I've read some really good books since I last posted, so let's get started.

The Wild Rose Press/ e-book

A rumor surfaces, trapping Adam Hastings and Elizabeth Randolph into wedlock. Adam senses entrapment and sets out to prove the impoverished Randolphs initiated the gossip. Elizabeth would rather wed a groom to salvage her reputation than the wealthy Hastings rake, but her father's threat to use her sisters to fill the family coffers keeps her silent. Shame keeps her from revealing her father's treachery. Once Adam discovers a jealous husband planted the gossip, he accepts his responsibility to save Elizabeth's reputation. Elizabeth runs from her father's schemes, but when the truth is revealed, their fragile love may shatter.

Patti's Score: B+

Some of the first romances I read were Barbara Cartland's. I've drifted away from that era romances, but once in awhile one pops up that makes me grab it. This is one of those times. Adam and Elizabeth captured me from the very first. Adam's a charming, honorable rake with a solid, mischievous family. I fell for him, too, and desperately wanted Elizabeth to get her happily ever after with him. Elizabeth has determination, guts, and backbone and is the perfect woman to make Adam mend his ways and become a devoted husband and father. The story is filled with snappy dialogue between the two and a clever, fast moving plot. Elizabeth's father could have been a stereotype with the tried plot of marrying his daughter to money to pay gambling debts, but Ms. Drew twisted that on its ear, keeping the father's reasoning human, which made it all the more nefarious. Find some quiet time, get a cup of tea and settle in to be thoroughly entertained.

Grand Central Publishing/Print

Ellie Stuart's life ended the day her children were stolen from her. Driving on a Virginia backroad, Ellie was ambushed by two men who violently pulled her from her car and drove off with her three sons inside. Devastated, Ellie begs the police to bring her babies home. But the authorities wonder if this stressed-out single mom may not be telling the whole truth about what happened that day...

Navy SEAL Sean Harlan agrees to help Ellie find her children, but vows to keep their relationship professional. He's got no room in his life for a woman and her kids--no matter how beautiful she is, or how desperate their situation. But when a sinister organization begins pulling strings behind the scenes, the investigation suddenly targets Sean. Can he and Ellie rescue her children and save themselves? Or are they already... TOO FAR GONE

Patti's Score: B

This is book six of Marliss Melton's Navy SEAL's series. We were introduced to Ellie and Sean in the last book. I couldn't wait to get my hands on it. The plot of this one is intricate and stunning. I didn't guess the whys of it until almost the end. There was just the right amount of characters from the last books pulled into this one. And I reached for a hankie or two. What mother wouldn't? Don't we all have nightmares of our kids getting kidnapped? Emotional and fast-paced, I highly recommend this series. My only complaint (and the reason for the B grade), she never really explained why Sean wanted nothing to do with women who had kids. I never got that so it seemed like a superficial excuse to keep the two apart.

Berkley Sensation/Print

Someone has been slipping the Sanctuary's secure information to a pharmaceutical company. Now it's up to Ria Rodriguez to pose as a clerk and uncover the leak. Yet she has no idea of the danger she's about to encounter - or the passion she's about to ignite in one of the greatest Breeds ever created.

Patti's Score A+

If you haven't read Lora Leigh's Breed series, my question to you would be why? Yes, it's erotica, but this series is a stunner. Every book I read makes me want to go back to the beginning and start again and just breathe in the breed world. I want to live in Sanctuary with my own Mercury. My highest compliments to Lora for this one. Mercury nurtured his connection with Ria, never giving up on it, even with things looked bad - and in the process encouraged Ria to become the woman/breed she was supposed to be. That acceptance made me want Mercury for my own. Go find Tempting the Beast - Book 1 and get started and when you reach book 16 and Mercury, call me. We'll go have coffee and argue over the best of the series. Deal?

Pocket Star/print

Only two things can compel journalist Jenna McMillan back to Buenos Aires after terrorists held her captive there just months before: a rare interview with a shadowy billionaire and the memory of the dark and dangerous man who saved her....
Bad guys, bombs, and bullets are Gabriel Jones's way of life. But he'll never forget the brash redhead he rescued not so long ago...or the passionate kiss they shared before he sent her packing....
Now, forced together by a bombing at the National Congress, Jenna and Gabe confront the urgent longings that simmer between them. But this surprise meeting is no coincidence. A ruthless enemy stalks them with deadly precision. The question is... if they make it out alive, will Gabe turn his back on Jenna...again?

Patti's Score: B+

Book One of Cindy's new Black Ops series is a keeper. We met Jenna and Gabe in the last book of the Bodyguard series where they stayed at each other's throats through the entire book. This book opens with Jenna suffering the fallout from being kidnapped in that book. Both Jenna and Gabe have never gotten over their encounter. Jenna heads back to Argentina to cover a story, to put her bad memories behind her, and to maybe catch up with Gabe. Except she lands right in the middle of an explosive situation with Gabe at its center. And they were off sniping and fighting each other. It's a fast-paced, keep you up until 2 am book. My only complaint was the bad guy (who was thought dead in the last book) comes back to life for this one. Not particularly fond of that plot, but was so engrossed in Jenna and Gabe, I forgave it.

Pocket Star/Print

Abbie Hughes no longer trusts men, but despite her cool indifference, her long legs and showgirl face still draw plenty of attention. Between working as a blackjack dealer, going to school, and keeping an eye on her younger brother, Cory, there's no time for romantic adventures -- until the night a sexy, mysterious stranger places a wager at her table.

Spurred by revenge...
Sam Lang left Black Ops, Inc. when tragedy struck his family. Although he's determined to retire his M-16 rifle to lead a quiet life on his ranch, a vengeful quest will send him on a manhunt for the ruthless multimillionaire who murdered his sister.

...Reveals a savage threat they can't ignore
Though Sam suspects Abbie is in on a lucrative gem-smuggling deal her brother made with the enemy, their attraction is undeniable. Now Cory is missing, and together they search the wild Honduras backcountry to find him. With danger on their trail, they must trust each other completely or face certain death alone....

Patti's Score: A

Book 2 of her Black Ops. I happened to be at Borders to buy a different book and was in the process of reading Book 1, so of course I grabbed the second one. I loved Sam. He is one sexy cowboy, strong warrior, and loving son/brother all rolled into one! The way he uses Abbie in the beginning made me keep turning the pages because I couldn't wait for the explosion when she found out what he was doing. And it came in spades. Another fast-paced story, well plotted, and tugs on the heart strings.

Reading now . . .

...and it's annoying me. But I'll save that opinion for next time.

By my bed and waiting for a moment when I'm down and blue and need a serious escape from my life . . .because I know this book by my friend, Carrie Lofty, is that good! (Patti's score: A.) Go get your copy today!


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