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It seems my life is bogged down these days with two things - a wedding (not mine) and a divorce (yes, mine). Such polar opposites in mind set, but there you have it.

Let's get the ugly out of the way. I haven't talked about this much here and probably won't in the future. There's just really nothing much to say. Briefly, my husband of twenty-four years has decided he wants to take another road. Alone. Even though we are both working hard to keep the split amicable (what a mamby pamby word - and frankly, I think I'm working harder at it than he is), I've spent the fall immersed in aggravation, heartache, and mood ambushing stupidity -- energy sapping to be sure. Sorting the possession of twenty-four years and deciding who gets what has to be the world's suckiest job and entails muscling into boxes from the corners of closets, attic, and garage that haven't seen the light of day since we moved into this house. I'm sure my back teeth have no enamel left from grinding them, although I have gained tons of satisfaction at seeing alot of the stuff he left behind bounce out to the curb and the garbage man. :-0 On a positive note, I am so looking forward to 2009 when the divorce will be final and I can look to the future and move on to better things.

My son's wedding is in two weeks. We've been talking about it and planning it now for over a year. For as organized as we've been, there are still a ton of details left to work out. Last Sunday, the minister we had arranged announced he couldn't do it, leaving us all in a panic. A person can get married without a wedding dress or a cake, even without the caterer, but have the minister not show up? We've scrambled and found a new one, but I think that moment gave us all heart attacks. On a fun note, Anne bought Zach his tuxedo. It's so little and he's going to be so handsome. However, he has yet to adjust to shoes or socks - keeps pulling them off. So we are pondering great innovative ideas to get his feet decked out to match his tux. Our only solution (since the wedding colors are navy, silver, and white) is to duct tape his shoes to his feet. I'm kidding. Probably.

Writing is hit and miss. But I've decided when life slams you, you just have to do the best you can and get on with it. Time will come back around to focus on that - probably when I get a request from Harlequin for a partial of Cowboy's Angel and it ain't edited it yet! LOL! Yes, for inquiring minds, Kiss Me Goodnight and Warrior One are still on the drawing boards and being dabbled with. 2009 will see both of them finished or bust!

On a disappointing note, with the divorce and subsequent reduction of my standard of living to accomodate alimony, I'm not sure I'm going to be able to attend the RWA National Convention in Washington, D.C. Major, major disappointment there, and I'm not giving up. I just looked at the numbers and am not sure I can pull that off this year.

My Amazon Marketplace is taking loads of time and starting to pay off. Lost $100 in October, broke even in November, and have already cleared my expenses this month. It's a fascinating enterprise trying to learn the ins and outs and what to sell. If you buy used from Amazon, look for Coltbooks - that's me - please support a desperate divorcee! Okay. It's not quite that bad. Maybe.

Christmas is here. I'm overdosing on christmas music to get my fill before new year's and taking things one day at a time.

Stay tuned over the weekend for a FULL weekly reader - yes, I'm back. :-)

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LorelieLong said...

Little girl footie tights under his pants? Yes, I said girl tights. No one will know they're not socks unless you tell them.