Weekly Reader - November 24, 2008

It's been a few weeks, right? Truly I cannot explain my non-reading mood. This is a first for me in too many years to count. Becca told me I couldn't buy at Borders if I wasn't going to read at home. Apparently the girl doesn't understand the purpose of a 'to be read' pile. LOL! Incentive for sure. Which brings to mind a question? What does your 'to be read' pile mean to you? Mine means endless possibilities, Christmas morning, and happy surprises all rolled up into one. Leave me a comment to describe yours.

Playing the part of Gillian Ridgeway's tourist husband might be OMEGA operative Mike Callahan's toughest assignment yet. Keeping his hands off the too-young, too-innocent, stunning novice field agent while they were supposed to act all lovey-dovey? Right. He'd have to rely on all his torture training and focus on their mission: to track down the source of a potentially deadly virus in Hong Kong.

When their job was complicated by pint-sized scam artists who wiggled their way into Mike's heart, Gillian knew her undercover husband wasn't as jaded as he claimed. But to turn their cover into a real-life arrangement, first they'd have to come home alive.

Patti's Score: B+. Nice addition to her Codename: Danger. This classic series is always entertaining. Some day - when I have nothing to do, (hee) I'm going to pull all these and read them back to back. There is good chemistry between Gillian and Mike; Gillian is totally in touch with what she wants and Mike is the typical guy in denial of the younger woman. It's sweet to watch him fall. And as always there are lots of fun secondary characters that are unique and interesting. Plot was similar to some of her others in this series, but the read was still entertaining.

A rumor surfaces, trapping Adam Hastings and Elizabeth Randolph into wedlock. Adam senses entrapment and sets out to prove the impoverished Randolphs initiated the gossip. Elizabeth would rather wed a groom to salvage her reputation than the wealthy Hastings rake, but her father's threat to use her sisters to fill the family coffers keeps her silent. Shame keeps her from revealing her father's treachery. Once Adam discovers a jealous husband planted the gossip, he accepts his responsibility to save Elizabeth's reputation. Elizabeth runs from her father's schemes, but when the truth is revealed, their fragile love may shatter.

This is available in e-book format from the Wild Rose Press. I'm not finished with it yet, but already I'm loving it. Run over and download your copy from and get in as the sparks fly between Adam and Elizabeth. Watch for full comment on this one next week.

GOAL: Finish this one and read four more!!! Let's see if I can get back in the groove.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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