Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Thoughts on a New Direction

“Begin with the United States of America, the greatest force for freedom and change in history. We, the American people, are humankind’s pioneers. Our ancestors cultivated a natural wilderness. Americans of the twenty-first century confront a wilderness of flesh and blood in a world terrified by the virtues that we treasure, from religious tolerance to the rules of law, from dignity of every man and woman to the rejection of hereditary power. Erupting with freedom, America challenges the world. We expose lies that justified thousands of years of tyrannies, proving that birth need not determine destiny. We demonstrate freedom’s potential for all. And those we robbed of authority will not forgive us.

Each day we expand the frontiers of human possibility. Those who insist on limits are our enemies. It is their choice, not ours. The great struggle of the twenty-first century will rage between those, led by America, who believe that men and women have the right to shape their own lives, and those who believe themselves entitled to shape the lives of others. We will prevail, but the rearguard actions fought on behalf of decayed traditions and murderous beliefs will rage beyond our lifetimes.

Without the sacrifices of our forebears, most human beings – perhaps all – would live under tyranny. Without the Americans of today and our English-speaking brethren, dictators would again rise without hindrance. Because of us freedom and the dignity of the common man and woman have become the ideal of a reordered humanity. We have lifted the weight of history from the shoulders of many millions.

And we are far from finished.”

New Glory: Expanding America’s Global Supremacy
Ralph Peters

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