Update on All Things Patti and a Story

I decided it was time to do an update on my activities and goings on. Since it's been awhile since I actually talked about my life, my projects, and other random musings, I thought it was time.

First, yes I know I didn't post a Weekly Reader last weekend. Reason - I'd only read one book. Even though I've made several trips to Borders, I haven't been actually reading at bedtime, but working until I drop. I'll have a new weekly reader up tomorrow.

WORK - I have three projects running in my office right now. You'd probably laugh if you saw the setup. One desk has Warrior One spread across its surface and the bulletin board covered with papers. Another desk has Kiss Me Goodnight's plot notes sticky noted on it. My main desk has Cowboy's Angel. I have two storage boxes with notes from that project and it looks like I upended them on my desk. LOL! I have great capacity for ignoring it and probably wouldn't have noticed any of this, except that my roof is leaking. LOL! Keep up with me here. Yesterday, two very nice gentleman from the roofing company came and looked at the spot in the ceiling where it's been dripping to see if they could determine the whereabouts of the problem on the roof. Hence, I had to take them in my bedroom/office and I became aware just how buried all my desks are. Controlled chaos, but nonetheless, I had an out of body moment as I looked at it from another perspective. What does your desk look like? At any rate, I'm prepping a new Cowboy's Angel synopsis to go to Harlequin American. Hate writing those suckers and this chore took me three weeks longer than the original five days, I'd planned. The story just kept percolating and percolating in my head. My list of edits is a mile long. Kiss Me Goodnight has virtually been ignored. And I'm doing Kamikazie raids on Warrior One - a bit here and a bit there. Good news, though. I'll be editing the last of the synopsis and mailing the proposal to Harlequin on Monday, so I'll be back to working on the other two projects soon. Galleys for The Sweetheart Dance also came in there somewhere and I stopped to read and make corrections there. Whew! Sounds like alot, huh?
There's more.

I opened an Amazon Marketplace. Mostly I'm starting out with my books. I had twenty boxes of romance books in the attic that wouldn't fit the bookshelves anymore, so I started with them. 1500. Yeah - I know. Ridiculous. I've raided the other bookshelves, too. I brought piles of stuff back from my parents when I helped clean out their house and we had boxes and boxes left from Don's mother. I figured I'd have a 3000 book inventory just with what was in the house. I've had two sales so far and am hoping to build this to a significant business. It's taking hours every day to add the books to inventory and make price assessments, but I have great hopes.

All things kids/grandkids: John and Becca's wedding is under two months away. Finishing all the details is driving us all batty - Becca especially :-). John's sticking with his 'I don't care' and making it work for him. I think we're all at the point where we just want the day to come so we can be done with it. Jamie's opening an e-bay store, so I'm helping her with that and learning that arena as well. Catherine Elizabeth arrived for Chris and Tiffany, all 7 lbs. 7oz. of her. If you want updates, check Tiff's blogs - How to Have a Baby and 0 to Mom. Great pictures there, too! Anne doubled up her workload to pay from Christmas and a cruise with a graduating friend in January, so Grannie's got Zachie - which is always more than fine! He's a happy baby and let's Grannie visit her inner child- LOL! I have an obsession with sitting on the floor and building stuff with his lego blocks - which he promptly tears apart - and watching Winnie the Pooh. He has to go to an audiologist in December to have his hearing tested. Still not talking much. After an assessment by a speech pathologist, she's concerned he may not be hearing at 100%which is compromising the normal speech development. Keep your fingers crossed and your prayers going please. It's appreciated.

Which brings me to 'the story.' About three weeks ago, while sitting on the floor to play with Zach, I did something to my ankle. I say 'something' because I'm still not sure what happened. I got up. Walked several steps, then had a horrible charlie horse in my ankle joint, like it needed to pop. I thought I'd just walk it off, right? Didn't happen. Ankle swelled to three times the size in about twenty minutes and I couldn't put any weight on it - like a sprain. Only the next day, there was a purple, baseball size bruise on the bottom on my foot, bruising between my toes, and little pockets of fluid through my foot. I have to stop here and say: "I hate my doctor." That's a refrain you'll hear me repeat, so bear with me. I refused to go to the doctor even though the kids nagged. I predicted she'd send me for xrays, prescribe an anti-inflammatory, and send me home, so I didn't go. Foot rapidly improved. By day 5, other than a tad inflexibility, it was fine. Until a week ago, last Thursday. On the floor with Zach again - yes, I'm not trainable- same thing happens. This time the kids win. I'll pause here again and say: "I hate my doctor." I went anyway. First annoying comment: "Well, maybe you'll have to stop getting on the floor and playing with your grandson." Life isn't worth living if you can't do that, for crying out loud! I'd rather limp for the rest of my frigging life - or at least until kindergarten! LOL! Anyway, she sent me for xrays - see I'm psychic - and a doppler image. Sounds fancy, but really I discovered it's just an ultrasound. Hence my interesting story of the week.

As a writer, I've learned that body language can enhance and deepen your story, because you can reinforce or contrast your dialogue with what the character is doing, so I'm always looking for ways to diversify the stuff I use. I swear this woman is going to be in one of my stories, somewhere, sometime. First, let me say, I have never, ever met someone so void in social contact skills, especially in the health care profession. She came to greet me in the waiting room - where I'd been cooling my jets for forty frigging minutes. No smile. Monotone voice. She's around 60 - an age that surprises me given the technology. She quietly leads me to the room, no chit chat. Inside the room, she instructed me to take off my pants, she was going to be examining my whole leg. Well, I thought I was just getting some nifty 3-D picture of my ankle, but okay. Usually at this point, though, they leave the room and let you get undressed and situated. Nope. She held the gown and stood there and waited. Okay. Dumped my pants and climbed on the table. She covered me and finally explained that they were going to look at the blood vessels from my hip to my toes to check for blood clots or any vascular damage. Hmmm. Okaaaay. Doctor didn't explain that to me, but whatever.

My allergies are kicking my ass. After 40 minutes in their waiting room, my head is congested past any easy breathing. Laying on my back on that table didn't help. I'm breathing heavily through my mouth. You'd think she'd comment. Nope. Gets me laid down, squirts that ultrasound goop on my leg, and then has me turn in way not conducive to comfort with an arthritic hip, and proceeds to engross herself in her screen - which she turns away from me so I can't see. Most technicians would have explained at that point what they were doing - not her. For forty minutes, she did not talk to me except to admonish me not to move - nearly impossible with pain screaming in my ankle and hip and my nose clogged. Then she finishes, tells me the doctor put a stat order on my tests - like she couldn't figure out why - she's asking me???? Then she does a lousy job of wiping off the goop, and says I can get dressed. Does she leave the room? Of course. NOT. Watches me put my pants back on and then says, "you can leave" and points to the door. She didn't even walk me back through the maze of a hallway to the exit door. Man!

Evidently, the test was negative for blood clots. Got notified by the doctor of that, but not what the xrays showed and ended up with no prescription - not even one 800 mg ibuprofen. Man! This experience did spur me to check my insurance for the list of preferred physicians. Time for a new way.

Anyway, I apologize for the length of this post and will try to do updates more frequently now so they don't end up so long.

TTFN. Tigger. You know. Just had to. LOL!

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