A Rant

My mother-in-law was a wonderful woman. I adored her. Tried to emulate her. She adored her grandchildren. She worked her heart out at her church. And she'd give you the coat off her back or her ear to listen to problems in a moment's notice. She prayed every morning for the world, for strangers, and for family. When she died, I was acutely aware that no one would be praying for me any more. She is fondly remembered every day and sorely missed.

But. ..

I had three rules when discussing things with her. She was very outspoken in her opinions and over the years, I developed these guidelines to assure a smooth relationship with her.

1. Don't talk about religion.
2. Don't talk about politics.
3. Don't talk about anything else.

I actually use this philosophy on all my relationships now. I find conversations about religion and politics can be divisive and I'm a 'togetherness' type of girl. But after reading this morning's paper, who in their right mind would not be fed up with some of the political manuevering going on. Now, for the record, I'm a big girl and I get the flawed (in my view) reasoning why some campaigns feel the need to draw attention to their efforts. But the straw arrived this morning. You know -- the one that broke the camel's back.

Open Letter to John McCain:

Sir - While I have tremendous respect for your service and your ideals, you have begun grasping straws in order to get elected. Let me loan you mine. To suggest that because Obama changed his World Series pick, he will change his mind on other more important issues is the comment of a desperate man. It also made me mad.

We've got serious issues in this country -- a weak economy that is compromising people's homes, jobs, and retirements. We have an environment that is beginning to fail us, diseases that need to be conquered, humanaitarian issues that need facing. Our country is 29th in the world for it's education. 29th?? Seriously. We're teaching our kids to pass federal/state tests instead of educating them. AND WE HAVE SOLDIERS IN HARMS WAY in countries we've swaggered into with our American ego and demolished past their foundations in the name of destroying terrorism. Then we want to quit because the job's gotten too expensive, taking too long, and gotten too hard. Thank God for men like Eisenhower and Churchill who didn't walk away from Hitler when the job got too bloody and too demoralizing. Where would we be now? These are the things to be talking about. So stop all this nonsense talk about World Series picks.

Of course, any man who chooses Sarah Palin for his VP has an upfront, personal aquaintance with nonsense. How in the world this woman got elected to be a governor is beyond me AND makes me double damn glad I don't live in Alaska. The least you could have done was selected one of thousands of qualified, intelligence women that reside in this country that would have been an asset to your request for election - not a joke worse than Dan Quayle. (My apologies to Dan Quayle for the comparison).

So this is a public request from one fed up woman for you to get the HELL back on track. I know the polls show you way behind, but have a little integrity and give a little more thought to what comes out of your mouth. Please.

The woman who respects the HELL out of you, but is voting for the other guy

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Carrie Lofty said...

Nods head in agreement again.