Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A Picture is Worth a Hundred Words Contest

It's that time again. Time for my "A Picture is Worth a Hundred Words" contest. Remember the rules? Has to be dialogue. You can use dialogue tags and minor descriptions to keep the words flowing, but should be mostly dialogue. I'll run this one until the 15th. Winner gets a $20 gift certificate to Amazon. Post your entries in the comments section.

In honor of this month's Cowboy series, here's the picture for this month's contest:


Kelly McCrady said...

“Ya gonna rope him, son?”
“I reckon.”
“Ya remember what to do if he takes off on ya?”
“How ‘bout ya tell me?”
“Gotta pull tight, keep my heels in the dirt.”
“And not let him get smack.”
Gravel crunched under their boot heels for the next ten paces.
“Ya know not to tell yer Ma, right?”
“Ma’d yell.”
“That she would.” Dad resettled his hat. “You’re a big wrangler now, though, ain’t ya?”
“If he comes at ya instead, what will ya do?”
“Kick ‘im.”
“That goat won’t get the best of you.”

Melissa McClone said...

"Keep practicing, lil' fella. One day you'll be lassoing the ladies, too."

LorelieLong said...

"It ain't fair!"

"What's that, Billy?"

"It ain't fair they'd keep me outta the rodeo. I'm the best roper in three counties!"

"But you're under three feet tall."

"Yeah, but I'm forty fucking years old!"