When I was in junior high, my parents bought the absolute best set of knives I have ever used. Cutco. Have you heard of them? Yes, they are expensive, but seriously they are worth every penny. A couple of years ago, I finally got a set of my own in my kitchen. Go to their website: CUTCO and check it out. They have lots to choose from.

Now that I have shamelessly plugged my favorite knives, let me tell you the biggest drawback to these knives. They are shaper than SH*T! Of course, you want that when you're cutting things - it makes cooking a joy. Just one warning, keep your fingers out of the way.

Yesterday morning, I was slicing my english muffin to go along with my tea and literally cut the top of my thumb off with one of them. Fortunately, it's all flesh up there, so no need to run to the emergency room or for stitches, but my thumb hurts like a mother and typing is not fun.

I had several long posts for this week, but will delay that as I'm using all my tolerance typing on WIP2 - which I started on Monday. Bear with me. More Cowboy entries, another Girls Like Science 2 post, and a new weekly reader will be coming up soon.

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Mike Overall said...

Hey Patti!

Read your post on steak knives and cracked up. Not at you almost losing a digit, but the same thing happened to me. I was using a Pampered Chef apple slicer and it didn't go through all the way so like an idiot I tried to push the apple out wiht my thumb and lost quite a chunk too. No wonder they say 98% of accidents happen in the home lol