Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Cowboys - Part I

In case you were wondering -- Yes, there will be a Cowboys, Part II. Marianne guessed correctly that Nick was my favorite from the Big Valley - hot tempered bad boy. Sigh.

This next show didn't last very long. But it had such hunk material that it's #2 on my favorites list. Next cowboy post will tell who my number one favorite western hero of all time is - stay tuned on Friday. But for today we're going to talk about a short-lived show, set in every day America - ranchers, brothers, and drama. It was too bad this one didn't fly for that long. I cannot believe that anyone who is breathing will not have a comment about the star cast of this show.

Take a peek:

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
First aired: September 19, 1982
Last aired: July 2, 1983
Episodes: 22

This series was loosely based on the 1954 MGM musical starring Howard Keel and Jane Powell. Set in modern day northern California, it was shot entirely on location in the small town of Murphys, California (population 1,183) in Calaveras County. The story centered around the seven McFadden brothers, aged 27 to 12, and their struggle to keep their family ranch.

And it packed a punch - Richard Dean Anderson, Peter Horton, Drake Hogenstyn, Roger Wilson, Terri Treas, and River Phoenix.

Facts about the show and cast:

Richard Dean Anderson went on to do MacGyver and Stargate.

Peter Horton went on to do Thirty Something and a multitude of guest starring roles, then became a busy producer/director - most notably recently - for Grey's Anatomy.

Drake Hogenstyn - went on to become John Black in the famous Marlena-John-Roman triangle on Days of Our Lives.

Roger Wilson went on to do Porky's, now is a writer.

Terri Treas went on to do Alien Nation and became a writer/producer/director for shows like The Pretender, Nash Bridges, and Felicity

River Phoenix won an emmy for this show - best young actor in 1984.

The show was nominated for two other Emmy's.

I won't keep you in suspense - Drake Hogenstyn has always had my heart. I love Richard Dean Anderson and he is my #1 male actor, but nobody beats dreamy, handsome Drake. I was thrilled when he showed up on Days of Our Lives (yes, that's my soap) and got paired with Marlena. Best soap television anywhere!

Tomorrow I'll be posting my A Picture is Worth a 100 words contest - so be sure to check in for that and get in on the action!

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