Cowboys - Part I

Did you figure out who my heart throb was from the High Chapparal series? If you guessed, Henry Darrow's character of Manolito - you would have been right. He had a delightful sense of humor and oozed charm, especially with the senoritas, but was deadly -- a good man to have at your back in a gunfight.

This week's show is probably going to elicit a few responses like: "Patti, where are you getting these shows?" and "Patti, just how old are you?". Did I say that my Dad was a big fan of the western shows? Yes, he was and we watched them all. I'm not sure which one was his favorite, but I know which one was mine and you'll find out at the end of the month. On to this week's selection.

Do you recognize this picture?

Or maybe this one?

If you guessed Wagon Train, you'd be right.

First Show: September 18, 1957 (I know. The year I was born!)
Episodes: 284 shows
Last Show: May 2, 1965

Wagon Train was told across the panorama of the American western expansion in the post Civil War period and attracted big name guest stars. Each episode was titled around the story of a passenger on "the train."

The cast was led by Western movie veteran Ward Bond playing Wagonmaster Major Seth Adams. Ward Bond is a favorite of mine from multiple John Wayne movies. (Have I failed to mention what a BIG John Wayne fan I am? Hmm . . . I'll have to prove that won't I - fodder for another blog). Ward Bond died in 1960 and the wagonmaster role was taken over by John McIntire who also starred in my very favorite western. No. I'm not going to tell.

Of course, this was not who snagged my attention. The strong male lead was played originally by Robert Horton as Flint McCullough and when he left to go into musical theatre, the role was taken over by Robert Fuller who played "Coop".

Can you guess which one of these men I liked the best - adding to my hero list? And if anyone out there can tell me what show Robert Fuller moved on to and became very well known for, I'll give you extra kudos.

More on Friday. Yes, there are more. Lots, lots more. I ain't even hit the really good stuff yet! grin

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