Weekly Reader - August 31, 2008

It was a night of slow dances, heated looks, and for detective Taylor McKennitt, the Earth moved.

Unfortunately, so did the lovely Claire . . .

. . . right on out the door. Not that it wasn't the hottest night of her life. In fact, the memory of Taylor's kisses, his touch, his . . . everything makes Claire want to leap right back into the sexy detective's bed. But the last thing she needs is to fall in love with a man in blue, even if he is irresistible. And determined.

Then just when Taylor thinks he's close to getting her back into his life, a deranged killer targets Claire. Now it's Taylor's duty to protect her. And in the process, he'll win her resisting heart or die trying -- which is suddenly a very distinct possibility.

Score: B-
The plot was simplistic, but the relationship between Taylor and Claire made up for it. Snappy, humorous dialogue, genuine feelings, and a quirkly set of secondary characters made this read a pleasant one. This is one of the books I picked up at Avon Book signing at Nationals on the spur of the moment. The cover art attracted me and the author was sitting ready with pen in hand to sign it. This is a relaxing, if predictable read. What more can you ask for?

I've been doing massive amounts of research this week and my poor tired eyes could only handle reading the one book, so I'm sorry there isn't more here to tell. I can say that I have three books on my night stand that I've started - don't ask me why. I don't know - moodiness I guess and they weren't hitting the spot so I put them down for later. Roxanne St. Claire "Kill Me Twice, Jessica Andersen "Nightkeepers", and Hope Tarr "Bound to Please." Unfortunately (or fortunately) I made my usual trek to Borders this week and came home with "Hostage to Pleasure" by Nalini Singh (OMG - I can't wait to read it!), "Wanderlust" by Ann Aguirre (YAY!), and Lora Leigh's "Wild Card" the next in her - yes LOL! - Navy SEAL line. Couldn't you see that one coming a mile away??? :-)

My research has taken me down a non-romance path as I develop the world for my new Warrior series.

In the no-holds-barred tradition that has won him so many fans across the nation and around the world, best-selling author and strategist Ralph Peters confronts the crucial security issues of our time—and the troubled times to come. With his trademark clarity and force, Peters argues that we have left behind the "age of Ideologies" to enter a violent period in which ethnicity and religion—blood and faith—will continue to be the source of ferocious rebellions, genocide and global terrorism. His compelling vision spares neither our foreign policy nor our domestic follies as the author ruthlessly outlines what it will take to protect our country against this new breed of enemies.

I'm not finished with it yet, but its score is an A+. Intellectual, insightful, provoking, page-turner -- I could keep going with the descriptors, but I won't. If this is a subject you're even remotely interested in, you'll devour this book as I have.

Now, I have a reminder and just one more question. The A Picture is Worth a 100 Words Contest is closing tomorrow night at midnight. I'll announce the winner on Tuesday's blog. If you didn't get a chance to join in, stay tuned for the next contest at the end of the month.

Finally, I have been giving serious consideration to starting a Navy SEAL Slut Club blog. Reviewing the numerous books, compiling a favorites, and allowing y'all to permission to post and comment is under consideration. Any takers?


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