RWA Nationals - Part 2 of 4

And the conference update continues --

Friday: I got up early. Kelly and I went to the continental breakfast. Again, wonderful food. My compliments to the San Francisco Marriott. My first workshop was cancelled so I joined Kelly in attending the Weathering Line Changes with Tanya Michaels and Holly Jacobs. Again, interesting information, but didn’t really glean anything new. Cathleen pitches her story to a Harlequin editor and gets a request for a full. Success! I am so happy for her. My next choice for workshop was Writing Inside the Pressure Cooker with Pamela Morsi, Robyn DeHart, and Emily McKay. Entertaining, but still information I have already put into practice from Margie Lawson, so I skip out and go to the Avon Book Signing.

I have to stop here and apologize to Carrie. She warned me to bring another suitcase, that there would be lots of goodies to take home. I couldn’t imagine how I would haul off so much stuff that I couldn’t get it squeezed into my rather large suitcase, so I didn’t heed her advice. [See Patti kissing Carrie’s feet in apology.]

Kinley MacGregor (aka Sherrilyn Kenyon) was at the Avon signing and I stood in line to have her sign her book – even though I already have it. I am thrilled to get to talk to her (she has a sister named Patti!) Make my way around the room and pick up a few other books. They are giving them away free? Really? Imagine that. I know Carrie told me this, but it did not compute. Came away with an armful of books, then went to check out the Grand Central Publishing Signing and pick up a few more there. Make my way to the room, where I plop the books into the pile that has now grown to over twenty books. I meet the girls for the Luncheon with speaker Connie Brockway. Get two more freebie books on my chair and a great lunch, combined with a decent speech from Connie Brockway. I sit next to Rita Finalist, Julianne MacLean, who doesn’t really talk or say anything about who she us. Figure it out AFTER. Of course, I don’t know the name of her book - but it has something with Scoundrel in the title - so I won’t plug it here.

In honor of my new workshop strategy, I decide to attend Creating a Website workshop after lunch to see if I can gather any help for my website, but I am late and the room is filled. What did I do instead? Went to the Harlequin Book signing. I learn a valuable lesson. Inside the door, a Harlequin representative hands me a huge, Harlequin embossed shopping bag and I begin to make my way around the room. Get to meet Maureen Childs whose books are all over my shelves and am able to chat with her for a moment. Neat. There are probably 45 authors in this room and I make my way through each and every station and pick up books from dang near everyone, leaving with a FULL shopping bag. Back in the room, I realize I’ve added another 37 books to my freaking pile! Concern begins to grow that I may have to ship a box home. Lesson learned? Don’t take a shopping bag to these things. It only encourages greedy little fingers to pick up more and more!

Stay tuned tomorrow for the rest of my conference adventure, the encounter with a transvestite and my thoughts on what I learned.

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