A Picture is Worth a Hundred Words - Contest

I'm starting a new contest -- one which will be occurring monthly on my blog. Rules are simple. I'll post a picture. Then, in the comment section, you write 100 words or less and tell me a story about the picture in mostly dialogue. By mostly I mean you can use names, dialogue tags, etc., but the gist of the story must come from the conversation. This contest will close on Sunday, August 31st at midnight central time. I'll announce the winner in my Monday morning blog.

Winner receives: $25 worth of handmade, eco-friendly soaps from my brother's business -!


Tiffany Aller said...

I love flash fiction! :-) Here's my entry at 98 words:

“Oh, Jana, you look beautiful in your wedding dress. I’m so glad you picked the A-line – it suits you perfectly.”

“Thanks, Renee. It fits like a glove – hopefully I’ll be able to move enough to dance with Nathan tonight!”

“Don’t worry. You’ll be fine. Now let’s get you into your shoes and get this show on the road.” Renee turned to pick up the bride’s shoes.

“Uh, Jana? Whose shoes are those?”

Jana blushed. “Uh, well. Those? They belong to…well, you see…uh…I guess they must be Nathan’s.”

“I see…more time to primp, eh? What were you really doing?”

Janet Lane said...

Hi, Patti Ann,
Hope I'm doing this right. Here's my contest story, at precisely 100 words. What a fun idea!

Visual: His 'n Hers Shoes

"C’mon, Carrie. It’s all right."

"I can’t."

"Let go of the door, Hon. Put on your running shoes."

"This is crazy."

"Now you won’t slip. I’ll go first. It’s great out here. We’re tethered. We won’t fall."

"He’s right, my child. It’s time."

"I want my heels back. I want a nice red carpet and a flower girl and ..."

"This was your idea, remember?"

"You should’ve said no. What kind of groom lets his bride recite vows on the wing of a glider..."

"You wanted adventure."

"...five thousand feet above the earth?"

"I love you. C’mon, let’s go for it!"