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Not alot of reading going on around here. It's July - typically a slow month for everything. It's HOT in Texas - 103 degrees today. You'd think that this would be a good opportunity to hang out in an air conditioned house and enjoy a good book. Normally, that would be true. However, I'm prepping to go to the RWA National Conference and coping with several serious personal issues -- all of which have taxed my energy. I'm not a television watcher as a general rule (except for Project Runway and Stargate Atlantis), but I've been letting it leech my brain cells and falling into bed dead tired. Reading is therapeutic for me, though, so I do have at least one on my list this last week and part of another one. I'll be gone from July 30th - August 10th, so I won't be posting anything. I'll see you all back here on the August 11th.

An anti-terrorism agent with a warrior's body and a magnetic smile, Duncan Edge is workng for T-FLAC's special paranormal unit on a mission to halt a lethal terrorist cell. Along the way, Duncan crosses paths with Serena Campbell, a woman of dazzling wizardry and astonishing beauty who Duncan suspects is being unwittingly used by terrorists for a vast murderous undertaking. But Serena will marshal every ounce of her energy, charms, and smarts to steer clear of Dnncan, whose flirty yet disastrous childhood antics left her with a long-standing grudge.

Now Duncan and Serena, charged with ever-growing burning desire, need to set aside their past and prejudices. In their paranormal world, a dangerous force gathers strength, and time is running out for two people who must enter the darkness together and hope there's light on the other side.

First, I have problems with this entire story. Growing up Serena and Duncan have a taunting, competitive relationship mixed with lust. Being in Duncan's presence affects Serena's powers - she gets angry at him for multitudes of things - past and present - and loses control of her power. I had issues with that. She's a grown woman, running a multi-million dollar foundation trying to solve world hunger. She's been married. She has smarts and sauve. She gets nominated for Master Wizard along with Duncan and another wizard - and beats them out for the spot. But she has problems controlling her power. Hmmm. Right.

While I give credit to the fact, that Cherry brought the family curse around to being solved in a very unique way, the Harry Potter-esqeness of these books annoyed me. I have been a big fan of her T-FLAC world. I felt the other books blended a James Bond excitement with the reality of terrorism today and then each pitted classic alpha males and strong, independent females against that structure. While this book and the previous two in this mini-series (Edge of Danger and Edge of Darkness)had Cherry Adair's unique style which burns the words off the page and into your senses, they left me feeling like she violated her structure premise to branch into paranormal books for reasons known only to her.

I didn't like all the sparing and teasing Duncan and Serena did - I thought Duncan especially disrespectful to her at times - especially when he teleported out of the shower naked to stand in his kitchen. So, while we could understand Duncan's attraction to Serena from being in his point of view, he never told her ANY of what he was feeling, which made his actions seem crass and rude.

I also wasn't a big fan of the Cherry's use of time frame. Each book supposedly was occuring at the same time - so portions of the stories overlapped and were covered in each book - rather jarring that.

Frankly, this one was the lowest rating of all her books - I give it a 3.

But, then I turned around and picked up this Anthology.

Three stories by Cherry, Lora Leigh, and Cindy Gerard - three of my top ten authors.

The first story is "Tropical Heat" by Cherry Adair.

When Dr. Elizabeth Goodall is kidnapped and held captive in the African jungle, her only hope for rescue is counterterrorist operative Sam Pelton. But to escape from the brutal warlord, they much confront a powerful attraction that could prove more treacherous than the wilds of the jungle . . .

This is the type of story I love from Cherry Adair. Sam is smitten with Elizabeth. Has been for a year - but hasn't told her because she was going through a divorce. When she's kidnapped, he realizes he's almost waited too long, so as soon as he rescues her, he makes it known to her right off that he wants her. The story is sweltering hot, hot, hot. This one gets a 4+G.

I still have the other two to read -- Atlanta Heat by Lora Leigh and Desert Heat by Cindy Gerard.

And finally, I am waiting and waiting and waiting . . . seems like the day is never going to get here!

Available August 5th - while I'm on vacation. WAA!

Stay cool. Read. Enjoy!

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Carrie Lofty said...

Sherrilyn is sure to be at Nationals, which means she'll probably have advance copies to sell or give away at publisher signings. Just find out who her publisher is and head over to their signing to see if she's there. Lots of good advance stuff for free :)

My goal last year was to make back my registration fee in free books, which I managed. This year will be harder because the cost went up, but I'll give it a go!