Weekly Reader

Take note. This happens so rarely that you probably won't see this again for a very long time.

No books read this week. I know. Pathetic, right? I'm still working on Open Season by Linda Howard.

You can blame summer house cleaning. You can blame 4th of July with a house full of company. You can blame changing my office/bedroom around, dusting, cleaning out boxes and reorganizing.

I did clean off my bookshelves and consolidated my to be read piles (I had three - one by my bed, one on the shelf, and one by my desk). Then I entered all the books I haven't read on a database. So, guess how many books are in my to be read pile?
Any ideas?

218. :-)

Half are category. I didn't sort through with any idea of weeding out those I don't want to read anymore. I just put them together. Next step will be sorting out those of interest and those just needing to be traded back to the used book store.

No trip to borders or the used book store this week. Too busy housecleaning. Hopefully next week, I'll have a long list.


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