Sometimes It Just Sings

Every once in awhile, you pick up a book and the opening hook just sings. After reading this opening page excerpt, tell me you don't want to read this short story!

"Some women a man knew to stay the hell away from. It was a self-preservation thing. Survival instinct. The lone wolf that reveled in its independence and sexual freedom knew when it was staring in the eyes of a sensual trap. A woman capable of making the male animal stand up, take notice, and tremble in his military boots.

Mason "Macey" March was a man who liked to live on the edge, though. He was all about the challenge, the risk, the excitement, whether it was a mission or a woman, or a terrorist out to destroy the world. He was a man who stared out at life with a defiant snarl and dared it to take first blood.

He was a man staring at his own destruction, and he had enough sense to recognize it, and be equally terrified and drawn to it. Like a spectator to a train wreck. It was going to be bloody. It was going to be a mess. But he couldn't look away because she had him by his soul and he knew it."
(Page 113, Atlanta Heat by Lora Leigh in RESCUE ME Anthology.)

Sometimes it just sings!

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