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I figured it was time I had a post that had nothing to do with what I was reading or American Idol. So here goes with the doings around my house.

Temperature finally soared into the 90s here in Texas. It was about damn time. I was getting so sick of storms and cleaning up debris. Now, if I could only find time to haul the rest of the patio stuff out of the garage to the deck and make time to bask by the pool. Life would be good.

Speaking of the pool, I finally got smart and hired a pool company to manage the cleaning and chemicals. Our supposedly 'maintenance free' pool was taking waaay too much time. And, no. My pool boy is a 45 year old man, bald, with a beard.

My grandson is growing and growing. Crawling everywhere. Pulling himself up to everything. Falling down alot! Mischievous and inquisitive - that's intelligent speak for INTO EVERYTHING! And he's teething - new one on the top side and still trying to get the center ones to break through. He's developed a fondness for cookies, chewing on anything electronic he can get his hands on, and rolling over so I can't get his diaper on him. Fun stuff!

THE SWEETHEART DANCE is still under construction. I'm working on the last chapters this week and will be sending it off to my editor. I love this new story. Not only do you get to enjoy Meg and Bret's love story, you'll get to visit all the Applegates and get introduced to a whole bunch of Echo Falls community members.

My to do list is a mile long - mostly with chores around the house. I'm looking forward to RWA Nationals in San Francisco in July and my vacation right after that for a break from everything.

Finally, my son gave me the greatest Mother's Day present. (The girls all gave me great stuff too - this one just keeps giving and giving.) We've been visiting the theatre once a week for the latest blockbusters. So far, we've made it to Iron Man and Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. Indiana Jones is up next.

That's it for my news. How's your summer going?

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Kelly McCrady said...

Raining. 60 degrees. Last year at this time the temps were in the high 80's and quite dry, so this is refreshing. The grass is happy LOL.

Kidlet has four days of school until summer break. First year of school under her belt--such a big girl! And I made it the whole year without a bussing problem--until today when we miscoummunicated after the field trip and she forgot to board the bus home. I got the school's message 20 minutes after they'd called, so poor thing sat at the school office for over 1/2 hour waiting for me to come get her LOL

Only half of the corn I planted came up so I have to re-plant three rows, but the rest look good.

Editing plate is full for TWRP and MH is coming along--and there's always Nationals. Should be a great summer!

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