The Sweetheart Dance

I'm happy to report that after 273 pages - 14 chapters - 71,355 words - 5 drafts AND the help of my wonderful, rocking, dependable critique group - THE SWEETHEART DANCE is off to my editor, Miranda King. May she love it and cry in all the good spots! Thanks to Kelly for loving Echo Falls as much as I do and making Bret come to life. Thanks to Shannyn and Diane for paying attention to every detail and keeping me on track. Thanks to Tiffany for examining every word choice and tweaking my words. Thanks to Carrie for getting the emotion of Meg's attraction and the lust of Bret's. I could not have produced this great story without you. Hugs, Ladies!

Watch in the next few days for a preview of Tom's story. I'm not giving myself any breathing room, but am moving on to this great story so you won't have to wait so long to visit this great town again.


Carrie Lofty said...

I helped with the love part and the lust part? Yay for me!

Teasing. I'm happy for you Patti. Good luck with your editor :)

Kelly McCrady said...

Miranda had better appreciate how mechanically clean this story is LOL. Of course, if she doesn't notice it, we've done our job.

Let's hope you and I are not the only two people who enjoy visiting Echo Falls. Readers will look forward to Tom's story as much as we all do!

I notice Snoopy ran out of dancing energy and is standing Joe Cool style LOL.