Sunday, June 1, 2008

Reading Group Book Discussion

If you've finished Not Another Bad Date, here's the spot to leave your comments and thoughts on the story. Thanks!


Patti Ann Colt said...

I give the book a 6 out of 10. I thought it had lots of annoying little things in it. For instance, I didn't like the Devon opening scene or the others with her. I thought those could have been eliminated - she was well enough represented from Adele, Zach and Tiffany's point of view. Plus, I hated how fast it wrapped up. In two pages, with Zach simply saying "I love you" and their problems were solved. That just didn't seem credible to me.

BCo said...

I gave the book a 5. I really disliked all the things Patti did and I felt like she didn't wrap things up with all the characters. For example, how was Tiffany all of a sudden okay with Adele being with Zach? How did her sisters divorce end up? I know that's not the point of the story, but it was still a point that was brought up. It wasn't a bad read, i just wish it would've gone differently.

annex3 said...

I gave it a 7, I think. It seemed to really drag at the beginning and then in the last few chapters so much stuff happened. And I timeline was all messed up. The whole book happened in like 3 weeks maybe a month. Weird.