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Short reading week this time and a mixed bag.

Up first, Just Desserts by Patti Massman and Susan Rosser, a library book. This book was published back in 1991. Diana is middle-aged, married, and overweight. She has tried every diet known to man, nothing has worked. Her husband, fed up with her weight, leaves her. In the upheaval from this, she has a conversation with her doctor about her health and he starts her on "a lifestyle change." This change includes a simple diet - don't eat anything over 30% fat. She goes on this 'diet' with everyone around her skeptical, but follows it religiously and after four months has lost 20 pounds, by a year has lost 50 and embarks on a whole new life, finally by the end becoming a multi-million dollar author and diet guru - promoting her Allergic to Fat in line of products. Of course, along the way she rediscovers her power as a woman through several affairs, a reconciliation with her husband that fails miserably - mainly because he's a JERK, and meets the man of her dreams -- one who was a good friend and knew her when she was fat, too. Since I'm in the process of losing weight, this one really spoke to me, but I can readily conceed it wouldn't be for everyone.

Next, Fade the Heat by Colleen Thompson, another library book. Don't bother with this one. I read about a third and put it down. Unfortunately, while it has a potentially intriguing plotline, I couldn't click into either Jack or Reagan. Reagan especially struck me as extremely self-centered and hardheaded - not attributes that I like in my heroines. So, I shut it and moved on before it became a wall banger.

Finally, I finished Femwar from Angela Knight's Warlord Anthology. Another good story with a fascinating look at the Warrior world.

And, of course, my week wouldn't be complete without a visit to one of my favorite haunts, The Book Rak in west Arlington. Actually, my daughter is looking for a vanity for her bedroom and the Antique Marketplace is across the street from the Book Rak. Not possible to drive by the bookstore without going in - at least not for me! Hit the jackpot on Cherry Adair and her T-FLAC books - found four of them and picked up Nora Robert's Angel Falls and Joann Ross's Freefall. I'll get these added to my Shelfari here pretty quick, in case any of you are keeping track.

That's it for this week. Next week's list will probably be somewhat small also, since I've picked up the pace of my edits to get THE SWEETHEART DANCE submitted. I did go see Ironman yesterday with my son and I'll be posting my thoughts on this movie on Monday.

Enjoy your reading week everyone!

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