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I'm starting something new today. School is almost out. Summer is upon us. How many of us remember the summer library programs? I know I dragged all my kids, summer after summer, to keep them reading. Well, I want to start an adult version . . . more like a reading club . . . where we can all read the book and share enthusiasm or bitching. Sound good? Daughters are on board and we have a list already compiled. We'll be chatting on Wednesdays here on my blog. So grab the first book and join us here next Wednesday for a chat. If you have books you'd like to include on our list, feel free to leave a comment.

First Book:

What does a gal have to do to get a good date in this town?

Adele Harris can't even begin to answer that question. She's had so many lousy dates that she's sure she's cursed. Why else would every man she goes out with suddenly act like he's lost his mind—and his manners? Adele thought life couldn't get any more confusing . . . until she learns the marriage of her seemingly Miss Perfect sister is on the rocks. So she goes back to their hometown to give her a shoulder to cry on, only to run smack into Zach Zemaitis . . . the one who got away.

Texans love God, family, and football, though not always in that order

Zach, a former pro star, knows all about football. As for the other two, well, he's doing his best. But when Adele comes charging back into his life—still all lush curves and beautiful, big blue eyes—he wonders if his best is good enough. After all, he did her wrong. Can a woman with her track record ever really believe that he's serious this time . . . or is he destined to be another bad date?

2. Mistress by Leda Swann
3. Open Season by Linda Howard
4. Unsung Hero by Suzanne Brockmann
5. Fantasy Lover by Sherrilyn Kenyon

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