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I have quite a reading list for this week. Heavy storms this week made me turn off the computer and the television. Also I spent lots of time with Zach and am in an energy lull between my write/edit process. All had me reaching for books to escape - my favorite thing! Here's my list for this week. I have the goal to read 200 books this year - don't know where I'm at on that. I will figure that out and post it next Saturday.

First, I stopped at Borders and picked up Shifters last week. It's been on my wish list on Shelfari for a bit. This is because Lora Leigh is an automatic buy for me, no matter what it is. So, of course, I read A Jaquar's Kiss first,because it's another excellent Breed story. Then I read Angela Knight's Mad Dog Love - a nice empress betrayal story with a twist; Followed that with Alyssa Day's Shifter's Lady - obviously a spinoff from her Atlantis series, which I've been hearing things about and haven't had time or money to go buy. I will be looking for those now too. Then there is Virginia Kantra's Sea Crossing, a wonderful story about mythical sea creatures and true love. She writes for Silhoutte Romantic Suspense, or did, and I've read alot of her stuff. This is the first I've seen her do paranormal. She has a new one coming out called Sea Witch. It's preview had me adding it to the list to look for. All in all, an excellent way to spend $8.00. Usually when I buy these anthologies, I read one or two, but this one netted four excellent stories.

Next, I read Cherry Adair's The Mercenary. Fabulous story. This is a rerelease of the original book that started her T-FLAC series. There's a bunch of them now - 14 to be exact. Now I have to go back and find the rest. I love a good book hunt - see Patti rubbing her hands together in glee - it's my favorite thing. . . next to chocolate and Starbucks Mocha's.

Then, I pulled out Angela Knight's Warlord and read Jane's Warlord. Strong solid story, entertaining alien subtext, and thoroughly enjoyable sex - HOT, HOT!! She's going to become another of my keeper author's. I set the other three short stories in the book aside for the moment and moved on.

#4 - Nora Roberts - High Noon. Keeper. Excellent story, lots of setting details, ordinary man, meets strong woman - this one a hostage negotiator. I think this one goes in my top Nora Roberts books.

#5 - On the heels of that I read Blue Smoke. I picked this one up because last week Lifetime ran a marathon of Nora Robert's movies. I DVRed them and want to read the book before I watch the movie. Hence, this book got grabbed next. Another excellent book, done in the same three part act like High Noon and another strong woman - Arson Investigator with a normal male and a strong Italian family. Couldn't put it down. (Both this one and #4 had the women shaped by significant events in their lives. Interesting and compelling both.)

I started the next short story in Angela Knight's Warlord called Warfem, but I didn't get very far before I stopped. I watched Blue Smoke - the movie. All I can say is: hmm, don't bother. While it was interesting to see the actors chosen to represent the characters, the changes they made to the storyline to accomodate a two hour movie were a huge disappointment. Read the book - you'll enjoy it more.

The next movie is Sanctuary and is another Nora Roberts book I haven't read. I will be visiting the library today to find it. In the meantime, this morning I started Marliss Melton's Don't Let Go - #5 in her SEAL series.

Still on tap is Ann Aquirre's Grimspace, then Dawn's Awakening - another Lora Leigh Breed Story. My stack is about eight deep by my bed. And I'm feeling the urge to continue with more Nora Roberts - Still have her flower series I haven't read -Blue Dahila, Black Rose, Red Lily. Those three are Anne's favorites and she's been pushing me to read them.

Plus, I'm such a SEAL slut. I went to buy Angela Knight's Warlord and ran across a book called SEALed with a Kiss by an author I never heard of (Mary Margret Daughtridge). . . but you know me. I am addicted to those take charge, alpha males in those books and bought it without even doing more than reading the back cover. After all, it's about SEALs so what else do I need to know?

Finally, I am waiting for The Hollow with eagerness. It be released on May 6th by Nora Roberts, book 2 of her newest trilogy. The first was Blood Brothers.

That's all for this week. Hope you have a great reading week.


Marianne Arkins said...

I love "High Noon"... it was one of my faves. And, yep, I have the release date for "The Hollow" on my calendar. I was a bit disappointed that they didn't do the One-A-Month release on this trilogy as they have with the last couple La Nora released.

Oh well... I'll just have to re-read "Blood Brothers". Darn.


Anonymous said...

You write very well.