Thursday Thirteen - Baby Humor

Okay - so I readily admit that I forgot today was Thursday. I seem to be living in some kind of twilight zone where days don't really have a Monday, TUesday, etc. attached, but just are. Really scrambles my sense of who's suppose to be where when. Most likely this is being caused by my push to get my WIP finished. I'm up in the morning with the file open on my computer all day long and am adding words as I have a moment to sit down and type. I feel like I've been close forever, but the words just keep adding on and adding on. My sense of day disorientation hasn't been helped by Zachary, who has been fighting an ear infection, eye infection (which he gave me) and teething to boot - screwing with his good mood and his sleep schedule.

So, since I haven't figured out thirteen things, I'll just share this video and hope you enjoy the baby's humor. Have a fabulous day!

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